Have You Added Extra Lighting to Your Boat?


When your daughter’s college friends from the south travel to the midwest to visit you love hosting them. The polite “Yes, Ma’am” and “Yes, Sir” that fill your house immediately remind you of the southern hospitality their families have extended to your daughter when she has been guests in their Louisiana and Texas homes. As much as you love being a host, however, you have to admit that it is often a challenge keeping these guests entertained.

You have to fact the facts that although you live in what has been labeled one of the friendliest towns in the country, if it is not College World Series or an Olympic Swim Trial year, it can seem like a challenge to find things for these guests to do. Your city boasts the best zoo in the country, but most return visitors have already been to the zoo at least once.

The quaint little pontoon boat ride is interesting, but the tour illuminated by the marine LED light strips only lasts 20 minutes. With its two dollar fee, it is affordable, but short. And while the walk on the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Missouri River between Nebraska and Iowa is unique, it is also something you really only need to do once. You have even scheduled guests to take a night dinner cruise on the one other vessel in the area that is slightly festive with its marine LED light strips, but none of these water events can compare with the bayous, bogs, and alligator tours of the south.

Fortunately, the list of restaurants in the area is extensive and there is never a shortage of shopping. You just need to remember that the water attractions that they midwest has to offer are never going to be a real draw.

Pontoons and Other Vessels Often Rely on Waterproof LED Light Strips for Boats for Function and Mood

You may not live in a place where night cruises and evening skylight tours are frequent, but the fact of the matter is anytime you have a boat, there is an opportunity to add lighting that can be both functional and entertaining. In fact, in the busiest of harbors and water ways, there are often strings of light that help distinguish one vessel from another.

In addition to making a night boat ride safer for passengers as they move across a vessel, there are some lighting requirements that are purely functional. Green lights and red lights help other boaters distinguish the starboard, right, side of a boat from the port, left, side of the boat. And while black lights for boats and marine LEd light strips might help establish a party mood on a vessel, no boat owner can ignore the required lights.
Fortunately, with the use of LED lights, boat owners are able to illuminate a space with less energy. In fact, an LED converts nearly 100% of the energy consumed into light. For people in the midwest who do not have access to many large navigable bodies of water, some added LED lighting strips can add some drama to the small trips that they do embark on.

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