Beware of These Dangers When Driving Golf Carts


Golf carts are designed to travel at a maximum speed of between 12 and 14 miles per hour. This is the top speed without any modification or upgrade to the golf cart. One would expect that it would be pretty difficult to sustain an injury at that speed.

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However, as the YouTube video “Why Golf Carts Are Becoming Very Dangerous” highlights, traveling in a golf cart can potentially be dangerous when proper safety measures are not followed.

Causes of Golf Cart Injuries

Certain states like California have made it legal to travel in golf carts on public roads, provided that the driver holds a valid driver’s license and that the golf cart is properly equipped to travel on a public road. These golf carts have the body of a traditional golf cart, but the motor has been modified to meet the requirements for driving on a public road.

Some common causes for golf cart injuries include overloading the golf cart with people, which may result in the golf cart tipping over, rolling with a golf cart, or when someone is thrown from a golf cart.

It’s important to follow proper golf cart etiquette on golf courses and public roads by limiting the number of passengers and adhering to road rules.


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