A Guide to the Popular Brunch Special


Every single year, there and more people that want to get involved with a brunch special. Brunch is a very popular meal that takes place before, around, or after lunch but involves breakfast types of foods. While some people believe that brunch is a relatively new invention that is not true at all.

A Brunch Special Has Plenty Of History Behind It

Brunch is not even an invention that came from the United States. As a matter of fact, the brunch special found its origins in England. It ended up taking nearly 30 years for this type of meal to actually become a big thing in America. Therefore, it is important to understand brunch has been around for a long time and is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon!

By just the year of 1900, a study revealed that there were more than 1000 golf clubs across the United States. Now, this is one of the areas that helped build up the popularity of brunch. Lots of people will visit a golf club to either play golf or to just have a nice brunch meal. However, wedding rehearsals are also one of the most popular times to enjoy a brunch special.

A Brunch Special Is Great For Wedding Rehearsals

Across the country, so many couples decide to host weddings and have their big day in which they tie the knot and get married. Weddings are not inexpensive and as a result, many couples work hard to trim their budget to save money. Keep in mind that most weddings will cost just about $30,000.

In just the year of 2013, an average amount of $1,184 was spent just on a rehearsal dinner which notes a rise in price from the previous year of 2012, when the price was $50 cheaper. However, in 2012 the cost of a brunch special was just about $429 and the following year it cost just about $457.

If you are going to go ahead with a brunch special for your wedding rehearsal, spice it up with some different kinds of unique foods and flavors. A recent survey was conducted involving people who eat brunch often and what the best brunch foods are. This revealed that Asian-flavored syrups, scrambled eggs with chorizo, and coconut milk pancakes are super popular. Therefore, ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch items are a hot item.

In Conclusion

Anyone that is trying to get the most for their wedding should make sure they focus on the budget. After all, many couples state that the most stressful aspect of planning a wedding involves their budget and potentially taking out loans. If you are trying to cut down the budget, then focus in on whatever you think is most important. So cut back on the rehearsal dinner and replace it with a brunch special!

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