Martial Arts Provide a Great Way to Make Sure You Are Staying Fit


After years of sending your children to jiu jitsu lessons and making sure that they have lived a life that focuses on healthy activities, you have finally decided that it is time that you focus on your health as well. As far as your friends and family are concerned, you probably look pretty good, but you know that you simply do not have the same amount of energy that you once you had.
Enrolling in your own Brazilian jiu jitsu class, however, has given you a starting point. A way to focus on being more aware of your body, your mindfulness, and your attitude. From kickboxing to a number of different kinds of martial arts classes, there are many ways that parents and children alike can make sure that they are living a more fit lifestyle and taking care of themselves. As disciplines like tai chi gain in popularity around the country, it is important to realize that we all, especially parents, have a responsibility to make sure that we are practicing the best habits.
When parents talk about the importance of exercising and eating right but do not lead by example, they are missing an opportunity to not only literally shape themselves, but also demonstrate to their children the kind of life that they want to live.

Are You Parenting by Example?
We can all probably remember a person in our lives who said one thing, but then did another. Finding the right way to make sure that you are able to parent without being hypocritical is a challenge that many people face. If, however, you want to teach your children to live a healthy life that allows them to eat and exercise in a manner that will benefit them, it is important that you practice what you preach. Did you know, for instance, that 66% of parents worry that their child spends too much time on electronic devices? If you are one of these concerned parents, then you need to remember to ask yourself a question. Are you putting your phone away when it is meal time and at other times when you should be giving your attention to your children?
Introducing yourself, or reconnecting, with a practice like jiu jitsu, tai chi, or other kinds of marital arts can help you feel better about yourself, as well as help you serve as a great role model for your children. In addition a study of older adults indicated that 54% of the subjects who practiced tai chi attributed an improved sense of confidence to their improved balance. And balance is something we can all use of bit more of in our lives.

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