This Video Busts Funny Hot Tub Myths


When purchasing a hot tub, there are some things that a hot tub company may not readily disclose.

Hot tub companies often downplay the ongoing maintenance and operating costs associated with owning a hot tub. While they may highlight the relaxation and enjoyment aspects, it’s important to consider regular maintenance tasks.

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While they may emphasize their products’ durability, make sure you do your research. Some hot tubs may not hold up as well as advertised, particularly when exposed to harsh weather conditions or frequent use. Look for customer reviews and ratings to gain insight into the hot tub’s durability and reliability.

Hot tub companies often offer warranties to provide peace of mind to customers. However, it’s important to review the warranty terms and limitations carefully. Some warranties may have exclusions for certain components or require specific maintenance procedures to be followed.

While a hot tub company may claim its products are energy-efficient, assessing the actual energy consumption of the hot tub models you are considering is crucial. Hot tubs can be energy-intensive, especially if they are not properly insulated or have outdated technology. Look for energy-efficient features, such as insulation, efficient pumps, and programmable settings to minimize your energy usage and associated costs.

Hot tub companies may not always disclose all the potential additional costs that can arise. These can include delivery and installation fees, landscaping or electrical work required for setup, and any necessary upgrades or accessories.


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