What to Expect From a Great Sports Package


Sports have captured the human imagination for several millennia, and they are a fine way to get exercise, prove one’s own worth, and even compete for prizes. From ancient Greece to today, sports have been a great spectator event, and today’s sports travel and tour packages and sports travel packages are a fine way to watch the big game. Someone who wants to watch live baseball, the rugby world cup, college basketball, or any other sport may get a sports travel package for themselves or even receive one as a gift. A person can get bus or plane tickets to watch something like the rugby world cup or a baseball finals game, and the rugby world cup is just the start. How popular are sports today in North America and elsewhere, and what can someone expect in a sports travel package for the rugby world cup or something similar?

Sports in North America and Elsewhere

One may first consider the North American sports scene for Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Today, the North American sports industry may rake in as much as $69.4 billion from ticket and merchandise sales, media rights, sponsorship fees, and more, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ latest outlook. This impressive figure may grow even more in the near future, and may reach $74 billion by the year 2020. In the United States in particular, the five big sports are football, soccer, baseball, hockey, and basketball. Many famed athletes throughout the decades have made names for themselves in these sports, from Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson to today’s Tom Brady, LeBron James, and other figures. Many American cities or states are home to teams for some major sports, and a few cities have a team for each one. Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia have one team each for the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. Americans have been surveyed to see which sports they like to watch the most often, and according to a Statista survey, over 70% of Americans follow college basketball at least occasionally. Nearly 31 million people attended a college sports event of one sort another in 2017, and American football ranks as the most popular sport to watch. Baseball, by contrast, has seen a decline in viewership lately.

What about other parts of the world? Sports such as hockey and baseball are primarily played in the United States and Canada, but Japan is also a hotspot for baseball at both the professional and high school level. In many parts of Europe, soccer is among the most popular sports of all, and many Europeans also watch or play rugby. Polo and squash are popular sports among the English, and due to their influence in decades past, cricket has emerged as a very popular sport in India. And soccer is played beyond Europe or North America; it is arguably a global sport, and can be played nearly anywhere. Latin American nations love this sport too, as do many parts of Africa. Some sports are regional traditions, such as some forms of Mongolian wrestling or Japanese sumo.

A Sports Package

All of these sports may be watched on a person’s TV or at a sports bar, but some enthusiasts would rather watch it all live. For major teams playing in big games, it may be tricky to get tickets and parking to attend in person, so sports packages are a fine way to get all that taken care of. A sports package will certainly include tickets for one or more people to attend a game in person, and it may also include items such as hotel reservations near the sports arena, as well as merchandise like shirts or banners. Going to a sports game may be more convenient when a person arrives at the area a day or two early, spends the night in a hotel, and visits the sports arena from there. And like with finding plane tickets and hotel reservations for a vacation, someone buying a sports package is urged to look for one online and find one well ahead of time. Tickets and packages may sell out fast, especially for a popular team or a big finals game. Packages can be bought for oneself or a gift for someone else.

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