The Relaxing Passion Of Millions Choosing The Perfect Boat To Compliment Your Summer


Summer is best enjoyed with good friends, good food…and a comfortable boat.

Is it any wonder why boating is one of today’s most beloved recreational hobbies? With a good boat on your side you can do just about anything. You can enjoy a more candid approach to swimming, be it in your favorite lake or winding river. You can bring friends along for your fishing trips. You can even try your hand at wakeboarding if you visit your local powersports dealership and ask about their special offers.

It all boils down to just finding the right boat. From fishing boats to pontoon boats, there’s a perfect model just waiting to bring out the perfect details in your summer.

Today’s Boating Statistics

You’re already aware of how popular boating is. Just look to your family and friends for an idea as to what people like to do during their time off. Boating is widely considered to be a mostly middle-class hobby, with 70% of today’s boat owners having a household income of $100,000 or less. You can thank boating for contributing so much to the economy, too — the recreational boating industry in the United States has a yearly economic impact of $120 billion. It supports 650,000 direct and indirect American jobs.

Useful Boating Accessories

Before you consider purchasing fishing boats, consider what kind of accessories you could use to create a happier trip. Fishers should consider adding an ice box and a tackle box for those long excursions on the water, as the last thing you need is a great catch with no support. Those interested in wakeboarding should have a few extra life jackets on hand, just in case. Anyone with a boat should stock up on signal flares, water bottles, and emergency generators. There’s no such thing as being too safe.

Fishing Boats

One of the most popular boats today is the fishing boat. Fishing itself is a wonderfully relaxing hobby, closely linked with reduced stress rates and calmer moods. It’s just focused enough to require your attention, but is also laid back enough to be one of the more stress-free activities you can engage in. Your boat dealer will be more than happy to walk you through the process of purchasing, insuring, and maintaining your fishing boats. Yearly sales of boats, marine products, and services climbed by 3% in 2016 to reach an impressive $35 billion.

Pontoon Boats

You might be more interested in a multipurpose boat. The pontoon boat for sale could just be what you need. The average pontoon boat with a 115hp engine has the ability to reach a little over 20 miles per hour with 11 people. This same boat under ideal conditions and with just one person, however, can reach 30 miles per hour. These are fantastic options for those that don’t want a huge purchase, but are also thinking of something a little bigger than a fishing boat.

Questions To Ask Your Powersports Dealership

Summer isn’t quite here yet. Write down a list of useful questions to bring to your local boat dealer in Michigan so you don’t miss out on anything vital. Ask them how you can take care of your boat in the long-term (inside and out) as well as transportation issues. Be clear about what you want to use the boat for, as an incompatible load size can risk you capsizing. In addition to spikes in new boat sales, recreational boating industry dollar sales are expected to rise by at least 10% over the next year or two.

Relaxing, beautiful, and comfortable, boating is a hobby that’s here to stay. Don’t waver on doubt any longer. Talk to your experienced boat dealer and get your family the boat you’ve always wanted.

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