Reasons for the Rise in Popularity of the Women’s World Cup Events


In recent years, there has been an increase in popularity of in women sporting events unlike in previous years where such events were given a wide berth. Decades ago, women’s sports did not attract as much interest and sponsorship as they do now. There were low numbers in terms of attendance even in big events that would have different countries in participation. The increased popularity of womens world cup events has also seen a sharp rise in the number of visitors travelling to different destinations leading to a growth in the sports tours industry. In the world of sports travel, it is expected that the host country plays a significant role in the number of people attending womens world cup events. For example, if the womens rugby world cup is in an Asian country, you can expect a lot of travellers attending the event from North America and European nations. Below are some of the factors contributing to the growth in popularity of womens world cup events.

The Host Nation
People will always be looking for an excuse to visit exotic places in the world that they have never been to or places that tickles their fancy. This is the reason why when there is a major sporting event, the host nation will determine the number of attendees to the event. There are certain places in the world that no doubt attract visitors no matter how many times a person visits the place. For example, one major womens world cup 2019 is the women’s soccer world cup in France. France is a great nation with hundreds of places that one can visit. With cities such as Paris, Lyon, Reims and Le Havre that have historic monuments as well as breathtaking modern day structures, France will be the perfect destination for sports travel and tour enthusiasts. Already, people are looking for the best sports travel package deals with the hope that doing the search early enough will give some bargaining power to fetch the best deal. In addition, making late bookings when the event is about to start will mean that almost all the hotels will have already been booked and it will be a challenge getting accommodation while travelling to watch the women’s soccer world cup 2019.

Quality of Play
Needless to say, women sports have improved significantly over the years with the quality of play experiencing major changes. This is the reason why nowadays, major companies hardly ignore women sports. There are certain women sporting events that attract more attention than similar male sports due to the nature of the competition. The big names you hear today of women in sports exemplify a situation where it is no longer possible to downplay the role that women play in sports. For example, whenever there is a tennis sporting event, there are tennis enthusiasts who will first consider the participants in the event. In the event that big names such as Serena Williams is not playing, the event might attract less attention compared to if she was an active participant in the event. Such a scenario shows how much the quality of women sports has improved and the value of different participants to the event.

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