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Sports video Ever since relatively inexpensive cameras allowed for the capture of video, the average consumer has had the ability, sometimes unwittingly of capturing hilarious footage to share with the world. Whether it was a parent at their childs game, or a professional broadcast for a major league, funny things happen all the time. Funny sports videos have become ubiquitous with humor on the internet and every day tons are uploaded to video sharing websites and social media networks.

Whether the video contains raw footage from a sporting event, or an edited version that emphasizes funny characteristics, or even a stylized interpretation of a funny event that has been modified or dubbed to bring out the humor, there is a funny sports video for everyone out there. Many of these funny sports videos unfortunately feature people injuring themselves.

If you are like me though, this is not something to laugh at and usually just makes me cringe. I much prefer funny sports videos that make me laugh in a positive way. For instance my favorite viral funny sports video is an overdubbing of famous football players and coaches, making it sound like they are saying something different than they actually are. It is fantastically well done and the people who made the video paid special attention to using funny words that perfectly line up with the footage.

My other favorite funny sports video buy phexin 375 shows two kids who could not have been over six or seven years old sparring. They essentially just bounce up and down while covered in padding and occasionally motion like they are landing a punch or a kick. It is so funny to me because it is just silly cuteness that makes you feel good inside. No one is hurt and and the humor is all good natured. Check out these videos if you want a laugh, or have a look on your favorite video website for funny sports videos, you should have no trouble finding something to make you laugh or brighten your day.

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