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Love Sports and Comedy? Six Funny Sports Videos

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For the most part, we tune-in to sports to see professional athletes vie for victory on the field of battle. Every now and then, however, we get much more than we bargained for. Sometimes, the results are strange. Luckily for all sports fans, what often results is pure hilarity. Here are 6 of the best funny sport videos from the last decade.

  1. Atlanta’s Phil Wellman Loses His Mind
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    Former Atlanta Braves coach Phil Wellman gets upset in a 2007 game when the calls aren’t going his way. Instead of pulling the ump aside to a have a discussion, Wellman goes insane. In a series of acts that is only topped in insanity by the next in line, Wellman covers up home base with dirt, literally steals third base, and then proceeds to crawl like a soldier toward the pitcher’s mound. When he arrives, he takes the pitcher’s chalk and tosses it at the umpire like a grenade. Check this one out on YouTube for endless laughs.

  3. The Soccer Referee Ballet
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    Brazilian soccer referee Jorge Jose Emiliano dos Santos, nicknamed Margarida, was known as one of the most theatrical and animated of all professional soccer referees. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but his antics live on in the famous “Soccer Referee Ballet”. His on-field choreography is appropriately set to a classic piece from Johann Strauss II, adding an extra touch to this YouTube performance.

  5. Bad Lip Reading
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    Featured on comedy site Funny or Die, Bad Lip Reading is a series of videos dubbed over so that the new vocals match the mouths of whomever is speaking. In the case of “The NFL: Bad Lip Reading”, things get truly hilarious. Whether it’s Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy complaining about a manhole in the center of the field or San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh demanding cake, this is one funny sports video that is sure to be a side-splitter for hardcore football buffs and laymen alike.

  7. The Runaway Golf Cart
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    The sentient vehicle is something we all fear. Unfortunately, the nightmare became reality when a golf cart took on a mind of its own following a Texas football game. Fortunately, a local hero managed to catch up with and stop the cart, but not before the possessed machine took out many innocent bystanders.

  9. The Whole-body Slam Dunk
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    One of the best funny sports videos YouTube has to offer is the “Slam Dunk FAIL”. At a 2011 Phoenix Suns game, a fan is brought down onto the court to try his luck at a slam dunk. Of course, he has help from a trampoline. Not only does the trampoline get him in the air, but it sends him swooshing through the net along with the ball.

  11. Boris Gets Stuck
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    Our last funny sport video comes to us courtesy of the United Kingdom. Thinking to promote the 2012 London Olympics, Mayor Boris Johnson takes to securing himself to a zip-line, two miniature Union Jacks waving in his enthused hands. Unfortunately for Mayor Johnson, he loses momentum halfway through. He remains there for some time, defeated.

The world of sports, whether the Olympics, soccer, or American football, is always exciting. If we’re lucky, every once and a while it is also hilarious. Watch and share these funny sport videos to brighten your day and your friends’.


Need a Dose of Humor in Your Day? Try Online Sports Bloopers

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Funny sport video

If you like to watch free online funny videos, then you probably sing praises to the internet at least once a month. However, when you get bored of cats and skateboarding accidents, you can look to YouTube for an incredible collection of all the funny sports videos 2012 had to offer, including the ones 2013 has already offered, and almost anything that has graced the internet prior to that. According to YouTube, 3 billion hours of their videos are watched every single month, and there are 60 hours of video uploaded every minute. You are bound to find hidden gems.

Here are three ways to use YouTube to get your fix.

  • Compilations.
  • Did you know you can find videos by yearly compilation, so you do not repeat videos? Look for all of the funny sports videos 2012 loved the most, and then when you have seen all of those, look for 2011. Sometimes these videos are better on a second or third viewing, so even if you find some repeats they will probably be sure to entertain.

  • Narrow it down.
  • If you think you have exhausted the record of YouTube funny sports videos, try narrowing down your funny video search by sports type. Weight lifting, tennis, diving, and track and field are rather under-represented, so you can be sure to find new funny clips by searching for the lesser known videos. Of course, if you prefer funny football, soccer, and basketball clips, I doubt you will ever run out.

  • Cheer yourself up.
  • If you are not cheered up by watching an inflatable Raptor mascot roller-blade down stairs and on to the basketball court, where it crashes so hard that it deflates, then nothing in the world will cheer you up. You can bookmark and save funny sports video clips for a later date when you are feeling a little depressed.

A long time ago, when people still went to video stores to rent movies, there was that one section which had all the sports bloopers videos, and funny pet compilations. Unfortunately, those were always taken! The good news is you never have to endure that disappointment again. These days, you can get your fill of all the funny sports videos 2012 had to offer by just checking YouTube. Look for the best compilations by year, by sport, and be sure to save a few for viewing when you need some cheering up.


Why We Love Funny Sports Video Clips

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Funny sport video

Ah, sports. The epic battle twixt two mighty foes, pitting skill against skill, might against might, determination against determination, all in pursuit of that most honored title… “The victor”.

But it’s also fun to watch them fall down a lot.

Few things can be more entertaining than an athlete in prime condition, in the best shape of their life, at the very pinnacle of physique… running into a wall or something. Funny sports video clips are popular for good reason: they are the very definition of an unexpected outcome.

Given the wide range of funny sports videos YouTube and similar sites have to offer, you should have no trouble finding bloopers, blunders, and bellyflops in your spectator-sport-of-choice. Basketball stars landing on a nice soft bed of photographers… the precision and power of a perfect fairway shot, foiled by a mallard with hideous timing… soccer goalies who celebrate a blocked shot, while that same “blocked” shot spins into the goal while their back is turned… Ahhhh, sports!

And funny sports video clips are an outstanding example of democracy and equality. Any athlete, whether rich or poor; famous or obscure; trained or really, really not; can steal the spotlight for a brief, shining moment, if they happen to zig when they should have zagged, as long as the cameras were rolling.

It would be wrong not to admit to a certain schadenfreude when watching these perfect specimens eat a goal post or two. But those moments also serve to reset our humanity, and allow them to continue to receive their exorbitant sums of money for running around and playing games. But if there are any major league owners out there looking to replace a five-million-dollar outfielder who misses the ball when he slams into walls, railings, and other players, here’s a money-saving tip: I’ll do all of that for


Filming the Underworld

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The Thrill of Victory, but Mostly the Other Thing

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Sports video

We really are lucky to live in the age we live in. Funny sports accidents have no doubt occurred since the dawn of human kind, with our fellow homo erectus making whatever sound passed for laughter back then as Unk tried to catch the rock with his teeth again (oh that Unk). But in this marvelous electronic age, the funniest sports moments can be recorded, preserved, and watched constantly at parties between rounds of Apples To Apples. But categories are fun, so here are the three main categories of funny sports videos.%3Cbr%3E

  • Professionals Making It Look Like That Was What They Meant to Do. Picture it. The wide receiver leaps up in the air, arms outstretched, and somehow manages to pull the ball into his gloves, only to have his legs simultaneously knocked sideways by a defender. Our intrepid receiver spins twice in the air, lands on his feet, and runs twenty more yards to the end zone. We are breathless, laughing with disbelief. What an athlete, we think. The funniest part, though, is the receiver was more surprised than anyone that he landed on his feet, and only kept running as a means of not falling down.
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  • Professionals and What Happens the Other 95% of the Time. The above case gets replayed quite a bit when it happens, but it really is a rarity. Delightfully, the vast majority of funny sports videos involving professional athletes are made up of whatever the polar opposite of grace is. Hitters catching a baseball right in the anatomy, gymnasts and their flail to no avail, and of course, all those wide receivers who find it a tad more difficult to run twenty yards after landing on their helmet.
  • %3Cbr%3E

  • The Supremely Optimistic Amateurs. While the pros have the unfortunate luck of having cameras pointed at them most of the time, the funny sports video amateurs have no one to blame but themselves. And maybe their drunk friends who put them up to it. “Reggie, you can TOTALLY make that jump!” Or “Frank, we have like six fire extinguishers right here, it should be fine.” And of course, our personal favorite, “Seriously, Tony, what are the odds of that going wrong AGAIN?”

We will reach a tipping point soon, that blessed day when the number of funny sports accidents that get recorded will surpass the number of ones we never get to see. Until that day, keep searching for those cringe worthy gems, those jaw dropping stunts, and those wrecks of humanity we simply cannot tear our eyes away from.


The Funniest Sports Video on the Web

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Funny sports videos

Anyone who remembers watching TV during the 1980s and 1990s probably recalls sports magazine ads where you can get a “free” sports bloopers video with a one year subscription to the magazine. Of course, these bloopers videos were only available in VHS, and you had to wait about two months to receive it, if you were silly enough to fall for the campaign. Well, perhaps that is not fair, for when you think back to the 1980s, there was no internet, no digital or on demand cable, and, honestly, one can only sit through so much of those annoying Sportscenter guys. And when you also consider that it was during the 1980s that athletes began to “earn” insane 20 million dollar contracts, who could pass up the opportunity to watch them fall flat on their faces?

Today, if we want to see funny video there are about a thousand different sites where you can do that, instantly. Certainly, for all of the “millenials,” who were practically born with brains wired for WiFi access, they find it laughable that watching funny sports videos required older generations to rent a VHS tape, subscribe to S.I., or wait for MTV to play “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits. What do we do now? We go online and search “funny sports video” and receive about 5 million hits of outrageousness, which ranges from the family friendly to those that probably are not suitable for children.

The ease with which folks can access funny sports videos, new video, television shows, and even recent blockbuster movies makes you wonder how this is going to affect the television and film industries. What it probably means, as we are finding out, is people waiting through longer and longer advertisements that are impossible to skip. Still, any commercial is worth it for the chance to see a home run bounce ofs the head of Jose Canseco. Actually, seeing, alone, would be well worth a two year subscription to S.I.!


There are Some Truly Funny Sports Videos About Games Gone Awry at a Company Picnic

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Funny sports video

I saw an incredibly funny sports video awhile back on the internet. There was this one guy who was throwing a softball and it hit this other guy in the face, and he went completely nuts. The guy who got hit started chasing the one who threw the ball around and around the baseball diamond. The funniest part was that the guy who had gotten hit was not wearing a belt, and his pants fell down, and he was wearing boxers with little hearts on them. Oh man, my friends and I would not stop laughing at that. There is nothing more hilarious than funny sports videos.

My friend was telling me that he saw this series of funny sports videos just a few days ago. In the series, there are football players who go bonkers when referees kick them out of the game. In one of them, this defensive line backer is kicked out. I do not remember why, but the player is like, hey man you are blind! And the ref is like, son, you best be learning some manner, and the football player begins having a conniption fit. It is like he is a two year old throwing a temper tantrum on the field. He was like, on the ground kicking and screaming and beating his fists and hitting his head against the ground. The other players were like, um what the heck is going on here, and the ref just stood there with his jaw on the floor, totally speechless. I mean, how do you deal with a grown man who is acting the way my two year old cousin does? Oh, yeah, and this was not like an NFL football game or anything like that. It was some one off touch football game at a company picnic. That makes this funny sports videos even more absurd, in my humble opinion. I wonder if that dude got fired when he went back to work after the weekend was over. Hopefully, he will be featured in some other funny sports videos.

There are a lot of other funny sports videos I have seen online, but that one may have been the best. However, I have seen a lot of really funny sports videos about gymnastics, bowling, lacrosse, soccer, and even polo. Oh, and there are a few funny sports videos that deal with synchronized swimming. You might not think they could make funny sports videos about water ballet, but you would be totally wrong.


You Can Watch a Funny Sports Video Online About Baseball

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Funny sports video

I saw a really funny sports video the other day online. This one dude was throwing a football and it hit this other dude in the face, and he went ballistic. Me and my friends were laughing and laughing. There is nothing more hilarious than funny sports videos.

My friend was telling me that he saw this funny sports video recently where a baseball player goes nuts when the umpire kicks him out of the game. The player is like, No way! And the ump is like, Yeah, you are outta here, and the player starts having like a total temper tantrum on the field. It was like he was 2 years old in this funny sports video. He was on the ground kicking and screaming and beating his fists on the grass. The other players are like, um what is going on here, and the umpire is just speechless. How do you deal with a grown man acting literally like a toddler? Oh, this was not major league baseball or anything like that. It was some company softball game, which makes it even more hilarious, I think. I wonder if that dude got fired the following Monday?

Another funny sports video my friends and I like to watch over and over again is this one about golf where two guys are golfing and one of them swings his club and accidentally hits the other dude in the posterior. The dude that gets hit jumps about 12 feet in the air, if you can believe that. The look on the face of the guy who hit him is priceless in this funny sports video. We watch it at every frat party we throw on campus.