Children Spend An Average Of Seven Hours Per Day In Front Of A Screen Is This Bad For Their Health?


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Children today are more sedentary than ever. When they’re not glued to their computer screen they’re glued to their phone. While this isn’t a criticism toward technology, this is a sign that a healthy foundation is potentially being lost in the face of convenience. How can you ensure your children are getting the exercise and socialization they need to become well-adjusted adults? While every child is different and boasts unique interests, everyone needs exercise to stay healthy.

Local gymnastics classes can provide discipline, fun and exercise in one basic package.

Did You Know?

Gymnastics has been around for a long time. The sport itself has been enjoying steady attention for over 2,000 years, though the past few decades have seen a resurgence in both interest and mundane applications of the craft. Back in 2004 16 year-old Carly Patterson won the coveted Olympic gold medal in the Women’s All-Around event. As of 2013 the average amount of children in gymnastics has reached nearly four million. Even if you don’t have dreams of stardom, the benefits of local gymnastics classes for your children’s health are priceless.

The State Of Children’s Health Today

As you already know, the state of children’s physical health today needs work. Without steady exercise your child is at higher risk for extreme conditions like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. This can then lead to an unhealthy lifestyle as an adult, promoting an early onset of heart disease and stroke. It’s estimated a mere one out of every three children in the country are physically active on a daily basis, with the average child spending more than seven and a half hours per day in front of a screen. This includes videogames, their phone or their home computer.

Physical Benefits Of Gymnastics

Gymnastic classes for adults and children offer plenty of opportunities to exercise, loosen up and develop intensive hands-on skills. Local gymnastics classes are the perfect amount of intensive aerobic activity and basic drills, ideal for less-active children and very active children alike. The American Academy Of Pediatrics explore children between the ages of two and five actively practicing motor skills such as tumbling, throwing and catching. These will only be refined in an environment built on a centuries-old foundation.

Psychological Benefits Of Gymnastics

Your gymnastics academy won’t just give your child the opportunity to get more fit. It’ll also teach them discipline and vigor, skills they can take with them to college and beyond. A sometimes underestimated aspect of sports are the psychological benefits gleaned by participants, including increased focus, reduced anxiety and higher rates of self-esteem. What your child learns in gymnastics can even expand to other extracurricular activities. It’s estimated over 95% of all female cheerleaders used to take local gymnastics classes. buy emsam uk

Why You Should Sign Your Child Up This Year
When you’re getting frustrated with your children for not going outside more often, it’s time to get serious and look into your local gymnastics classes. The U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services actively recommends young people between the ages of six and 17 participate in at least an hour of physical activity per day. Since gymnastic classes boast lengthy class times and set schedules you and your children won’t have to worry about the extra work that goes into building a good habit. They may even find themselves making new friends and creating new hobbies in the process.

Consider signing up your children for gymnastics this year to help them create a strong foundation for their future.

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