Take Your Team on an International Soccer Tour!


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Since you’re a soccer enthusiast, you’re likely aware that organized soccer first arrived on the scene in 1848 at Cambridge University in England. This is when the first rules of the game were officially developed. In 1898, Italy formed its own national soccer association, the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio. Italy’s Football Association played their first game in 1910. At that time, they were launched onto the scene when they beat France six to two.

By 1930, the World Cup was created to determine the world’s best teams. This eagerly-anticipated event occurs every four years and continues to be a cause for celebration. Some teams have been more successful than others, of course. When it comes to the Central American teams, however, Costa Rica has been the most successful. In 1921, their national team played for the first time. Since then, they qualified for four World Cups. The first was when they played Italy in 1990, and the second was when they played South Korea and Japan in 2002. Costa Rica won their third World’s Cup when they played Germany in 2006, and their fourth when they played Brazil in 2014.

Many people throughout the world take trips to attend sporting events, such as the World’s Cup. cheap casodex dose Sports Travel Magazine, for example, reported that in 2012 alone, 27% of all the trips people took were to attend some type of organized sporting event. This percentage was even greater for those individuals that were participating in some type of sports activity. When people traveled to participate in a sport such as soccer, this percentage increased to 90%!

Have you considered going on an international soccer tour? Whether you’re a fan or a player, there are a variety of world-wide soccer events that may appeal to you. Just imagine what it would be like to play soccer in Spain! In addition to playing soccer in Spain, you may also be interested in watching or playing soccer in another country, such as the official home of soccer in England.

Whether you want to watch or play soccer in Spain or another country, there are a variety of tours available. In addition to being able to enjoy your favorite sport, this is also a great way to see the world and learn about other cultures. When you bring your friends and family along, you will have memories to last you a lifetime!

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