Aftermarket Harley Parts and Other Accessories to Keep Your Ride in Excellent Shape


If you love to ride, there’s a good chance you own a Harley-Davidson. These classic motorcycles accounted for 29.3% of 2015 sales within the United States alone. While most motorcyclists engage in on or off-road riding, others participate in sanctioned competitions. Recent data showed that 78% of motorcycle usage is for on-road riding. Off-road riding accounts for 41%, and AMA-sanctioned competitions account for 38% of the participating motorcyclists.

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A Few Tips on Your Harley-Davidson’s Tires
Whether you’re a new or seasoned rider, you know how important your tires are. When they’re imbalanced, for example, they can create quite a few issues. At the top of the list is a shorter lifespan. Experts recommend that you should check your tires’ balance approximately every 500 to 1,000 miles or so.

Experts also conclude that you should check your tires after you ride for a few hours. If their pressure readings are over ten percent, there’s a good chance your tires are needing to work too hard. If your tires have experienced a considerable amount of wear-and-tear, then it’s more than likely time for a new set.

A Few Tips on Your Harley-Davidson Helmets

Since you want a safer ride, chances are that you own a few helmets to protect your head from potential injuries. When you ride on dirt roads or through windy areas, you also probably own a few pairs of motorcycle goggles or other types of eyewear. As you’re most-likely aware, it’s always a good idea to have extra gear.

Helmet head liners and cheek pads are also important. While helmet head liners may only break about five percent of the time, cheek pads are another matter. They tend to compress around 15% to 20% over time. Given this, you’ll want to have a few extra on-hand just in case.

When You Need a Few Aftermarket Harley Parts

Are you looking for aftermarket Harley parts? When you need to locate Harley parts for sale Cheap low dose naltrexone no prescription , such as handlebars, seats, or fenders for a motorcycle, these are available through a special motorcycle supply store. You may also be interested in other types of accessories and apparel, such as eyewear and helmets. Since you love to ride, keeping your Harley-Davidson in top shape along with wearing the proper gear will definitely make a difference in the overall quality of your ride.

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