Are You Looking to Make a New Mower Purchase This Spring?


This is the season when many people have to pull out the mowers and deal with the downside of winter finally being over. Most people will have not yet had to turn on their sprinkler systems, but the need for mowing has arrived. If you find out that your mower from last season is not ready for the job, however, you may need to consider the purchase of a new mower package. Whether you want a riding mower, a push mower, or one of the latest electric models, this is the perfect time of the year to make a purchase.

The beginning of the season mower package deals often offer the best financing options as well as the widest inventory selection. The highest priced zero turn mowers are great for yards and larger properties that require mowing around lots of different landscaping objects and other obstacles.

Mower and Tractor Package Deals Offer Affordable Options for Many Property Owners

from residential to commercial properties to entire farms, there are many places that require certain kinds of mowers. There are more than 43000 farms in just the state of Alabama and spring season is the time when all of these farms have to use mowers and other pieces of equipment to keep their properties in top repair.

Consider some of these other statistics about the ways that the mowing industry impacts the economy of the entire nation:

  • although there can be some variances from state to state, nearly 80% of Alabamians mow their lawns either biweekly or weekly.
  • In an example from another state, grass in Georgia can grow up to six inches every week.
  • Golf greens need to be mowed daily to maintain the recommended length of 0.100 to 0.125 inches, a size that allows for the healthiest looking lawns.
  • 99% of American farms are family owned, so there are individual farmers having to purchase mowers and other needed pieces of farm equipment..
  • The landscaping industry employs nearly one million people in the America.
  • 90% of Americans indicate that they prefer to live in homes surrounded by grass lawns.

Winter is finally over and many Americans, both residential home owners and farmers, need to start mowing and taking care of their property on at least a weekly basis. For many, this means purchasing a new mower.

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