Rent a Pontoon Boat for Your Next Party


Summer is a great time for being out on the water and enjoying the outdoors. This is why outdoor parties are such a great idea during the warmer months of the year. If you are planning an event and want to make it as fun and memorable as possible, consider a pontoon rental for the occasion. Party pontoon boats are a great way to throw a unique and exciting party and offer a variety of activities.

Play Games

Party boats offer the opportunity to play fun games in the water. There are all kinds of fun accessories you can get such as basketball hoops, floating volleyball nets, inflatable cornhole boards, checkers rugs for playing on deck, and more. You can plan a whole day of activities for you and your fellow party goers to enjoy.

Cook Out

You aren’t limited to prepacked snacks when it comes to partying on a pontoon. You can bring a portable grill and have a full fledged cookout with your friends. Just bring all the items you need in a cooler and fire up the grill when you’re ready to eat. Nothing is better after a swim than a delicious meal.

Relax in the Sun or Shade

Pontoons are great because their design allows you to enjoy the shade or lounge in the sun. If people want to bask in the warm rays on the front part of the deck they can, but if they want to cool down in the shade they can retreat under the canopy. You get the best of both worlds with a party pontoon boat so that everyone can be happy.

Go Fishing

If you and your friends love to fish then you can have a fishing party. Head out onto the water together and see what you can catch, and then feel free to take a break and enjoy some of the other activities listed above. Pontoons offer lots of space unlike smaller fishing boats and the ability to cook your lunch without leaving the water.

Pontoons make a great place to host any kind of party. With the variety of activities you can take part in it’s easy to plan a party that will be incredibly fun and memorable.

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