5 Most Popular Sports in Costa Rica


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Costa Rica is one of the seven countries in Central America popularly known because of its extensive biodiversity and rich history. It’s also one of the most favorite holiday destination points in the world, earning millions of dollars from its tourism sector. Majority of tourists coming here love to engage in thrilling activities and try out different sports. The most common being scuba diving, soccer (football), zip-lining, kayaking, sky diving, and whitewater.

If you are into adventure and stuff, this place offers you the best outdoor experience. Here are five Top sports in Costa Rica.
Football is a very appreciated sport in this part of Central America with its National team being the most successful in the region. Their first competitive game dates back to 1921, and has managed to compete in the World Cup for four times since then. The first time to participate was in (1990) in Italy, South Korea (2002), Germany (2006), and Brazil (2014). No wonder it’s the most popular sport in Costa Rica as well as the rest of the world. If you are planning to visit Costa Rica and you love soccer, look around to find out if there are any regional or international soccer tournaments going on. Plan a soccer tour and get to the Central American soccer culture.

Bullfights are one of the unique cultural experiences in Costa Rica, and it marks the Zapote celebrations all over the country. It is a dangerous sport, but for Costa Ricans, it’s an exciting sport that most of them, especially men engage in during seasonal fiestas.
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There are different types of bullfighting. Some of them involve mocking and teasing a bull while attempting to grab something from it. Other just involve dancing on cultural songs either around or over a cow. But essentially, bullfighting is all about budding toreadors on a ring with a charging bull chasing them, often killing them. It’s a way young and energetic locals test their bravery and machismo as they engulf in the winning celebrations of the crowd.

You can’t go to a bullfight event and fail to ask about some of their greatest histories. One thing you’ll certainly learn about is a bull named Malacrianza. This was no ordinary bull because, at the Costa Rica festival circuit in 2004, Malacrianza won the title of the most dreaded and honored bull in the history of Costa Rica after killing several bullfighters and wounding others. As a spectator, all you can do is to enjoy how guys are being tossed around, but you also need to be alert, just in case a bull decided to charge towards the cheering crowd.

Surfing is yet another popular sport in Costa Rica, particularly for those that live on the beaches of the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts. This place has attracted millions of surfers around the world, making it one of the best surfing destination. If you are into this kind of water sport, some of the best surf beaches to try out include Pavones, Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa, Jaco, Witch’s Rock among others.

Costa Ricans plenty beaches are not only ideal for sunbathing, but also for a range of beach sports like volleyball, basketball, beach golf, handball and beach polo. Many locals take part in beach volleyballs, and it’s likely to find tournaments going on. This country also has a structured volleyball team that takes part in both local and international leagues.

Mountain biking
Another interesting sport to try out in Costa Rica is cycling. This region boasts of exquisite landscapes that offer riders with the perfect terrain to meander through. There are plenty of jungles and volcanoes, which makes mountain biking even more exciting.

Lastly, sports fishing is a must try thing during your visit to Costa Rica. The vast ocean is rich in exotic fish species such as sailfish, wahoo, and blue marin, offering you plenty of fish cuisines to try out. These are some of the common sports you may want to include on your travel to-do-list and make your journey more memorable.

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