3 Ways to Rough it This Summer


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There is still plenty of summer left this year, which means there’s still time to do something fun, something new, and maybe even something exhilarating. Taking a family vacation is important for most people, and more than a third of those asked (37%) say vacationing makes them happy. What’s great about summer vacations in particular is that they provide so many possibilities. While winter vacations are often limited to staying indoors or skiing, there’s a wide variety of activities that can be enjoyed in the summer. From simply relaxing by a pool or beach and catching some rays to getting active and roughing it, the summer time is the perfect time for a memorable vacation.

If you’re been looking for ways to get more active this season but still want to get away for a while, why not combine vacationing with exercise? Even spending a few days in a different environment and in nature might inspire you to walk, run, bike, and explore with your family. If this kind of vacation excites you, here are a few ways you might enjoy yourself this summer.

Rough it a Bit With Camping Cabin Rentals

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This summer if you want to get away from the comfy corporate hotels and have a more authentic outdoor experience, but not so authentic that you’re sleeping on the ground every night, renting a cabin might just be the perfect solution. Camping cabin rentals allow you and your family to lodge comfortably while still having full access to the outdoors. Many campgrounds with cabins are near or come equipped with amenities like showers, restrooms, and kitchens. There are also often grills outside for cooking. In other words, you and your family can remain comfortable while still staying close to nature.

Camping in this way is a good way to ease you and your family into camping with a tent. In fact, about one third of new campers stay in a cabin according to the 2016 North American Camper Report. Vacationing in this way just might ignite the spark for roughing it even further in the future.

Get Active With a Hiking Adventure

If you decide to connect with nature this summer by camping, why not take it a step further and really connect with hiking trips http://www.eltern-und-kinder.com/cost-of-cymbalta-at-walgreens/ ? Many parks feature designated hiking trails for families. Some are smoother and easier to walk while others are steeper, rougher, and longer. The severity of the trail might be marked so you can hike at your own pace. Not only is hiking a good way to stay active, it’s also a perfect learning experience for kids. While hiking you can help them spot certain birds and animals, teach them about tracking and understanding the geography of the trail, and inform them on how to stay hydrated and nourished on a long hike. By walking together in the fresh air you’re sure to strengthen family bonds.

Take a Mountain Biking Vacation

For more seasoned outdoor folks, camping and hiking might not be enough. If you’re looking for an additional thrill, a mountain biking vacation might be more in your wheelhouse. There are plenty of ways to take a mountain biking vacation this summer. You can keep it simple and just take your family to a place with good trails or you can sign up to be a part of a mountain biking tour. These tours are more intended for seasoned bikers and less for family getaways. They are typically about a week long and allow you to meet other bikers while seeing new places and riding on new trails. If you’re looking for a more intimate vacation with your family but still want to get some biking in, it’s best to find a campground that offers good cabins an good trails. This way, your vacation can include camping, hiking, and mountain biking!

If you’re tired of taking a typical family vacation, think about switching it up this summer. We’re often so disconnected from nature today, and it’s important to reconnect as much as we can. So whether you’re planning on camping in comfort, taking a hike, riding your way into a memorable summer with a cheap famvir 500mg mountain biking vacation http://theswishlife.com/fashion/cheap-plaquenil-generic/ , or all three, you’re bound to have a great time with your family and create memories to last a lifetime.

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