Why the Work of Arborists Providing Tree Services is So Satisfying


Similar to ASMR videos/audios, certain videos have the capacity to enrapture our sense of satisfaction and pleasure. Acts as simple as arborists felling a tree with their tools and precision can be stress relieving and, when viewed in compilation, become an enjoyable pastime.

The amount of personal protective equipment is a little misleading in the sense of visual pleasure.

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In any case, the amount of protection that each arborist must have on their bodies, eyes, and ears acts as an agent of anticipation for the work about to be done. Starting at the bottom with the thickest branches, the work only gets more visually pleasing.

All skilled craftsman develop amazing familiarity with the repetitive work they do day-in, day-out, for years. Skilled arborists will be able to identify exactly where and in what position a sawed-off branch will fall, and in the moments before it is shoved in the woodchipper, a sense of accomplishment and awe resounds.

The muffled sound of a chainsaw through the microphone is much more bearable in person, and the transformation of a tree from an akimbo, leafy spire to a bare stalk that is progressively shortened as logs fall off is an amazing one to witness (just wait until the stump removal begins!).

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