Top Benefits of Physical Therapy You Should Know


Studies have repeatedly shown time and again that physical therapy is extremely beneficial for people of all ages. Despite the overwhelming evidence that proves just how effective physical therapy can be, most folks don’t consider the method as a treatment option. Only 5% of all adults in America get at least 30 minutes of physical exercise let alone physical therapy. This figure, quite frankly, is worrying.

This piece will discuss some of the incredible benefits of physical therapy for certain medical conditions and your general well being.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

1. For Pain Management

Chronic pain is one of the most excruciating and nagging conditions anyone can have. Pain medication is great for chronic pain, but the effects are temporary, and too many painkillers won’t do your liver much good. Therapeutic exercise and other physical therapy techniques like electrical stimulation or taping can help alleviate pain permanently, especially when patients stick to the physical therapy routine.

2. Can help with Stroke Recovery

The loss of mobility and muscle function that usually accompanies a stroke can usually be improved by regular physical therapy. Physical therapy services, coupled with a few visits to the gym and spa, could help you recover significantly from stroke. Physical therapy helps improve muscle coordination and balance so that you can live independently after your stroke.

3. Helps Eliminate the Need for Surgery

Surgery is a must for many complications and disorders, but regular physical therapy sessions can help you avoid surgery altogether. The therapy can assist with healing, eliminate physical pain, and facilitate the formation of new tissue and bone matter in case of any injury. If the therapy works for you, you won’t need to see the surgeon any time soon, and even if you do, it will greatly reduce the extent of surgery and the recovery period after the surgery.

4. Helps with General Health Issues

No one can stay young forever, and as we grow older, age takes a huge toll on our bodies. It is, therefore, all the more important for aging individuals to engage in physical therapy or some form of physical exercise at least to minimize the effects of aging on their bodies. Physical therapy helps with joint pains and arthritis, which are general complications associated with old age, which may require surgery in severe cases.

5. To Help with Heart and Lung Disease

Doctors always recommend physical therapy for lung rehabilitation and cardiac restoration in the event of a heart attack. Therapy complements other forms of treatment to ensure your body returns to tip-top shape, so you are able to carry out day to day activities without a hitch. Doctors mostly incorporate physical therapy into the rehabilitation regimen, but you can always seek extra physical therapy sessions for accelerated recovery.

6. For Vascular Complications and Diabetes

Studies have linked high blood pressure with type 2 diabetes and kidney disease, which may result in kidney failure. Physical therapy helps with high blood pressure through physical exercise that reduces triglyceride deposits on the blood vessels and renal arteries. It also helps lower blood sugar levels and decreases the severity of diabetes.

7. Works Miracles for Recovering Athletes

Athletes usually subject their bodies to a lot of pressure and strain in their usual practice routines or sports competitions. Especially when injured, physical therapy boosts the healing and recovery process so that athletes can get back to competing form. Physical therapy is also great for the overall health of athletes and has been shown to improve their performances on the field significantly over time.

8. For Improved Balance and Dexterity

Physical therapy improves the agility, balance, and nimbleness of individuals who undergo the treatment. It is also great for people who have lost mobility or function because of an injury or muscle and nerve-related conditions.

For its overwhelming benefits, doctors recommend physical therapy for individuals of all ages, regardless of whether they have any medical conditions or are complication-free. Try physical therapy out with your personal trainer and experience the incredible benefits first hand.

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