Tips For Getting the Biggest Wakes


In the United States, 12.7 million households have their own boat. One of the most popular water sports is wakeboarding or wakesurfing. Both wakesurfing and wakeboarding are done in similar ways, as the surfer trails behind a motorboat on a type of small surfboard. Wakeboards are smaller than wakesurf boards, though, with the typical wakeboard being about 4.2 to 4.8 feet long. Wakesurf ropes are usually 20 feet in length, while wakeboarding ropes are between 52 and 78 feet long. Every wakeboarder hopes to hit that perfect wave, catching air and then sailing back down gracefully. For most people, a bigger wake is better for enjoying just the right ride. Here are some tips for how to build up that perfect wake in order to enjoy the most satisfying ride possible.

  • Why a bigger wake is better: weighing the boat carefully. Every wakeboard boat needs the right ballast system. In order to get a bigger wave, you need most of your weight in the back of your boat. When the weight of the boat is in the back, this pushes the boat down into the water, creating more displacement. For wakeboarders who are regular footed, more of the weight of the boat should be on the port side. For those who are goofy-footed, weight should be on the starboard side.
  • Why a bigger wake is better: getting the right length The length of your wake will matter a lot in achieving the right height. A 10 to 15 foot wake usually works well, especially if it is about thigh high. In order to achieve this sort of length and depth to a wake, you need a boat with the deep-V hull and some wide turns.
  • Why a bigger wake is better: getting the right speed. Every wakeboarder and wakesurfer will have his or her own personal preference when it comes to speed, and riding either too fast or too slowly can cause the wakeboarder to lose control. It’s also important to consider the condition of the water as you wakeboard, since choppy water may require an increase in speed in order for you to effectively ride the wake.
  • Why a bigger wake is better: don’t be afraid to experiment. The best way to get the height you want is to experiment and then experiment again. Get some of your friends together and try different configurations of speed, ballast, and water conditions. Get yourself to the place where you feel comfortable with your ride, and then you’ll be ready to take some risks and try to create a bigger wake. By pushing yourself to go higher, you’ll grow as an athlete and also grow in your own self-confidence.

Wakeboarding has only been around for about 20 years or so, but it is already proving to be one of the most popular water sports around. In 2015, more than 3.2 million Americans experienced wakeboarding. It’s a great way to improve your physical condition, to challenge yourself mentally, and simply to enjoy the water and your boat. For most people, a bigger wake is better, so follow these wakeboarding tips to make sure that your next ride is the best one of your life.

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