Ten Things You Need to Go Fly Fishing


Do you have a chance to go fly fishing? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, over 49 million Americans went fly fishing, as well as saltwater and freshwater fishing in 2017. Whether it’s your first experience or your hundredth time going out, one thing is for certain: you must have a great fly fishing outfit. Here are ten essential things you’ll need to make sure your fly fishing outfit is perfect for you.

1. Rod

One of the most important items in your fly fishing outfit is your fly rod. You select your fly rod according to the weight of the fish you’ll be catching. You can also use a discount fly rod.

2. Reel

Your fly rod reel holds and helps your line. The reel weight should be in proportion to the rod, which is marked in the product information.

3. Line

There’s one type of line that works in many fishing and fly rod instance: this is the weight forward, or WF line. WF line tapers are a great addition to a fly fishing outfit for those who are just starting out!

4. Hat

Protect yourself from sunburn and overexposure to the sun with a good hat. A wide brim will give shade to help avoid eye strain, too.

5. Sunglasses

Give your eyes some good protection against the sun with polarized sunglasses. Also, sunglasses provide a barrier against dangerous casts, which is a hazard of fly fishing.

6. Wading Gear

Waist-waders, hip waders, and even chest waders are some of the options if you’ll be stepping into water that’s deeper than your knees…or if you may be getting splashed. Many find waist waders very easy for mobility.

7. Flies

There’s practically a fly for every species, but you can get going on your fly fishing outfit with a few classic patterns. It might be a good idea to go to a local sports shop in the area where you’ll be fishing and see which flies are most requested.

8. Rubber Boots

If you’re going to be stepping into the water, you’ll probably want to wear rubber boots to keep your feet dry. Tip: check the water temperature so you’ll know what to wear under your boots!

9. Vest

Who doesn’t love a vest? Your fly fishing outfit will be complete with a fly fishing vest. They are available in water-repellent materials and come complete with plenty of compartments and pockets for your gear, perfectly suited for your individual needs.

10. Gear Bag

Fly fishing gear bags come in a variety of styles and range in prices. You can choose among a gear bag, duffel bag, tackle bag, and more. Many are available in waterproof materials, just in case they get dropped in the water!

As you can tell from the wide variety of items listed above, the types of fish you will be trying to catch will determine a lot of the items in your fly fishing outfit. But the wide variety of styles that are available will ensure that your fly fishing outfit is exactly what you need to have a great time in the great outdoors!

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