Arnold Palmer Golf Course View and Lodge


Arnold Palmer Golf Course View and Lodge is located on one of the most extensive tracts of land in Central Florida. It is located in an area that boasts beautiful hills and valleys. The Arnold Palmer Golf Course view and lodge has been home to thousands of golf lovers since 1960.

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It was the first golf course to be planted with Tifway Bermudagrass. Although little wildlife is left to amuse the gold course users today, Arnold Palmer Golf Course is still the number one destination for golf lovers worldwide.
It is surrounded by breathtaking homes, lush gardens, and lawns that offer users plenty of fresh air as they become one with nature. However, the care and sense of belonging that the Bay Hill community gives keep golfers coming back to spin finer memories every year.
Most people who come to Arnold Palmer describe it as the epitome of comfort, unmatched golfing experiences, and warm hospitality. You need to experience the feeling of esteem Arnold Palmer Golf Course offers to understand the meaning of being a member of a private golf club.

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