Need a Dose of Humor in Your Day? Try Online Sports Bloopers


Funny sport video

If you like to watch free online funny videos, then you probably sing praises to the internet at least once a month. However, when you get bored of cats and skateboarding accidents, you can look to YouTube for an incredible collection of all the funny sports videos 2012 had to offer, including the ones 2013 has already offered, and almost anything that has graced the internet prior to that. According to YouTube, 3 billion hours of their videos are watched every single month, and there are 60 hours of video uploaded every minute. You are bound to find hidden gems.

Here are three ways to use YouTube to get your fix.

  • Compilations.
  • Did you know you can find videos by yearly compilation, so you do not repeat videos? Look for all of the funny sports videos 2012 loved the most, and then when you have seen all of those, look for 2011. Sometimes these videos are better on a second or third viewing, so even if you find some repeats they will probably be sure to entertain.

  • Narrow it down.
  • If you think you have exhausted the record of YouTube funny sports videos, try narrowing down your funny video search by sports type. Weight lifting, tennis, diving, and track and field are rather under-represented, so you can be sure to find new funny clips by searching for the lesser known videos. Of course, if you prefer funny football, soccer, and basketball clips, I doubt you will ever run out.

  • Cheer yourself up.
  • If you are not cheered up by watching an inflatable Raptor mascot roller-blade down stairs and on to the basketball court, where it crashes so hard that it deflates, then nothing in the world will cheer you up. You can bookmark and save funny sports video clips for a later date when you are feeling a little depressed.

A long time ago, when people still went to video stores to rent movies, there was that one section which had all the sports bloopers videos, and funny pet compilations. Unfortunately, those were always taken! The good news is you never have to endure that disappointment again. These days, you can get your fill of all the funny sports videos 2012 had to offer by just checking YouTube. Look for the best compilations by year, by sport, and be sure to save a few for viewing when you need some cheering up.

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