Why We Love Funny Sports Video Clips


Funny sport video

Ah, sports. The epic battle twixt two mighty foes, pitting skill against skill, might against might, determination against determination, all in pursuit of that most honored title… “The victor”.

But it’s also fun to watch them fall down a lot.

Few things can be more entertaining than an athlete in prime condition, in the best shape of their life, at the very pinnacle of physique… running into a wall or something. Funny sports video clips are popular for good reason: they are the very definition of an unexpected outcome.

Given the wide range of funny sports videos YouTube and similar sites have to offer, you should have no trouble finding bloopers, blunders, and bellyflops in your spectator-sport-of-choice. Basketball stars landing on a nice soft bed of photographers… the precision and power of a perfect fairway shot, foiled by a mallard with hideous timing… soccer goalies who celebrate a blocked shot, while that same “blocked” shot spins into the goal while their back is turned… Ahhhh, sports!

And funny sports video clips are an outstanding example of democracy and equality. Any athlete, whether rich or poor; famous or obscure; trained or really, really not; can steal the spotlight for a brief, shining moment, if they happen to zig when they should have zagged, as long as the cameras were rolling.

It would be wrong not to admit to a certain schadenfreude when watching these perfect specimens eat a goal post or two. But those moments also serve to reset our humanity, and allow them to continue to receive their exorbitant sums of money for running around and playing games. But if there are any major league owners out there looking to replace a five-million-dollar outfielder who misses the ball when he slams into walls, railings, and other players, here’s a money-saving tip: I’ll do all of that for

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