How to Install Backyard Putting Greens


Most homeowners are always on a journey to find ways of improving their backyard. One such method is by installing home putting greens in your backyard. When designing your backyard using home putting greens, there are a few things that you need to consider. If you like enjoying golf or you are naturally a lover of the outdoors, home putting greens installation will offer you the perfect outdoor experience. However, artificial putting greens installation is best done by a professional installer considering the delicate balancing act that is required. You need to first identify the location for installation. The dilemma most homeowners face is whether to use natural grass or artificial grass for home putting greens. The choice for residential putting greens should be based on factors such as use, durability and the size of your backyard. A typical home putting greens project is approximately between 600sq and 1800sq. The duration for constructing a home putting greens project also tend to be between three days and one week depending on the size of the project. So what are the ways of realizing your golfing dream through home putting greens project?

DIY Backyard Putting Greens
The DIY method is whereby you are able to install a home putting greens project by your own. However, this requires you to be handy and have all the necessary tools since the task is labor intensive. The reason why most homeowners prefer the DIY backyard golf greens is because you don’t have to spend so much on such a project. If you are up for the challenge, rent some landscaping equipment, invite a few of your buddies and prepare yourself for a few-days landscaping project. The process of putting up a home golf course in your backyard is rather straightforward provided that you know what you are doing. Pick a location for setting up synthetic golf greens that are perfect for such a project. Dig up the area and fill it with heavy gravel which serves as the base for water drainage. After leveling the surface with a compactor, cover the area with landscaping fabric. Laying out the turf comes next and lastly, add the infill to protect your turf from exposure.

Professional Installation of Home Putting Greens
If you consider the DIY method to be too labor intensive and time consuming, consider hiring a professional for home putting greens installation. A professional hand is sometimes the best choice considering that there are certain services that specialize exclusively in backyard putting greens installation. Unfortunately, going the professional way is also the most expensive. Set aside a budget for home putting greens with a guarantee that the artificial putting greens will be installed correctly. Projects that are done by a company and not using the DIY are more appealing since professional landscaping services use advanced tools during the installation. There is also the aspect of using qualified staff to undertake the construction of your synthetic putting green project. Your point of contact for a home putting greens project is a quick Google search on different landscaping companies near you. This is what works for most people as putting green services have website with all the information you need when choosing a home putting greens installer.

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