4 Reasons to Play Golf and How to Choose the Right Golf Course


Are you considering sparing some time to learn to play golf? You are just about to give yourself one of the best gifts you ever could. Any golfer can confidently tell you that a game of golf will work both your mind and body.

An onlooker may assume that golfers are socializing as they play with a tiny ball, but that’s not the case. The golfer is physically involved as they move around and mentally invested as they plan every move.

As much as men are more involved in golfing, women are not entirely left out in the sport either. Statistics show that 23% of professional golfers are female.

Benefits of Golfing

Let’s look at the benefits golf would have on you.

1. Physical fitness

Walking is a cardio exercise that increases your heart rate and gets the blood pumping to your heart. It promotes a healthy heart and reduces the risk of developing a stroke. Carrying or pulling your clubs in an 18-hole golf course three to four times a week as you play will burn calories, keep you fit, and tone your muscles.

2. Socialization and Networking

A golf club is a great place to create new friends, network, and expand your circle. Newark Country clubs are very particular about the people they take in as members. You can be sure that you will be interacting with trusted investors, mentors, and successful business people. Interacting with these people will help you grow, and it opens your mind.

3. Stress reduction

Most 18-hole golf courses are a sight to behold. The beautiful landscape is relaxing and a great way to unwind after a busy day or week. The fresh air and quiet atmosphere is a great break from the busy life of Delaware. Dedicating a day or more in a week to play golf will reduce your stress levels and make you more productive.

4. Low risk of injury

Opting to play golf as a form of exercise reduces the risk of developing injury. Golfing is less intense compared to jogging or going to the gym. Walking on the soft surface and keeping fit without the risk of breaking some bones is an attractive option for the older generation.

There are two types of golf courses.

A public golf course

A public course is owned by the municipality in which they are located. They are open to the public, but golf course greens fees are charged to those in need of using the facility. Unless during golf events and golf tournaments, the Delaware public golf will be open to everyone.

A private golf course

As the name suggests, a private golf course is privately owned by an individual, group, or company. The owner holds control on who can use the golf course and when members can play. You need to become a member to play. Membership comes with an acceptance fee and yearly fees. The club will provide access to other high-end amenities such as training centers, restaurants, and special facilities for occasions.

Choosing the Right Golf course

When you start to play golf, your golf course of choice will depend on the club where your circle of friends belongs. It provides a chance to socialize with them regularly over a golf game. Besides, members of the club are involved in vetting new members, and having friends within the group will help your case.

  • Check that the clubhouse and grounds are a place you would want to be.
  • How well have they maintained the golf course?
  • What is the quality of their customer service?
  • Which extra amenities do they offer?
  • How many times are you allowed to play in a week?
  • Do they have adequate golfing equipment?

These questions will help you determine if the fees are worth paying.

You should play golf to reap the benefits of an activity that helps you stay fit and keeps stress at bay while giving you a chance to grow your social and business circle. Choose a golf course that creates an environment that is relaxing and welcoming while providing top-notch services.

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