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4 Reasons to Play Golf and How to Choose the Right Golf Course

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Are you considering sparing some time to learn to play golf? You are just about to give yourself one of the best gifts you ever could. Any golfer can confidently tell you that a game of golf will work both your mind and body.

An onlooker may assume that golfers are socializing as they play with a tiny ball, but that’s not the case. The golfer is physically involved as they move around and mentally invested as they plan every move.

As much as men are more involved in golfing, women are not entirely left out in the sport either. Statistics show that 23% of professional golfers are female.

Benefits of Golfing

Let’s look at the benefits golf would have on you.

1. Physical fitness

Walking is a cardio exercise that increases your heart rate and gets the blood pumping to your heart. It promotes a healthy heart and reduces the risk of developing a stroke. Carrying or pulling your clubs in an 18-hole golf course three to four times a week