What is Sports Therapy?


One of the newest additions to the medical facility world are rehab and physical therapy centers strictly devoted to wellness related to sports. Sports therapy is by no means a new concept, but these past few years have seen a massive uptick in facilities incorporating sports therapy programs into their general PT service. Due to scientific studies consistently showing how sports injuries can wreak havoc on the body, PT centers are rising up to help combat this problem. In this video, we will look at what sports therapy entails and what equipment and facilities are involved with healing from a sports injury.

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Obviously, sports therapy puts a large emphasis on muscular and skeletal injuries, as well as proper stretching and training techniques. Not only does sports therapy strive to heal players from injuries, they also work to educate on how to avoid injuries in the first place. This particular PT center hosts several different kinds of ground-breaking scientific equipment designed specifically for athletes. Instead of the simple stretches associated with normal PT, sports therapy looks to running and muscle-building exercises to get their patients back in the game as soon as they can.


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