A Beginners Guide to Learning Archery


Archery is one of the most popular non-contact sports in the world. The cinematic world is saturated with heros wielding bows and arrows, and hunters are addicted to the rush of letting the bowstring fly free. Archery is by no means easy, but it is categorically simpler than many other sports.

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The thing that makes an excellent marksman is practice, no matter what size of height you are. In this video, we’ll explore the ins and outs of archery from a beginner’s perspective.

In this video, we look at equipment, training, safety measures, and techniques used in archery. Before you start actually shooting, you need to examine and improve your shooting posture. When you pull your bow up to where you are aiming, that is called the set position. The string should be in between two of your fingers, and come to rest at a 90 degree angle towards your target. Releasing is also a part of archery that has a proper way of being done, so practice releasing so you know what a good release feels like. Finally, you need to improve your posture to be an excellent marksman.


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