The Health Benefits of a Hot Tub


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Hot tubs are not something that everyone likes. It’s not a love or hate issue either. Plenty of people have no particular feeling towards them and others, strong ideas. Whatever your position on hot tubs is, you probably aren’t aware of the health benefits of a hot tub or jacuzzi. It’s a great leisure activity that does a lot of great things for your body and mind. Here are just a few of the advantages of regular use.


  • It has been found that the buoyancy of the hot water makes it not only soothing but a safe place to relieve the pain and stiff feelings that come from arthritis.

  • When your internal body temperature rises, your blood vessels will dilate and this increase circulation which is helpful to relieving arthritis as well.

  • Many people with arthritis will actually exercise in the water because of the decreased gravity on their joints. This still allows them to maintain a healthy lifestyle without the added pressure on joints and muscles.
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  • If you position areas that have tight muscles against a jet nozzle, the pressure of the warm water will massage the area, relaxing knotted up muscles. Diabetes

  • Hot tubs have actually been proven to bring down blood sugar levels.

  • Again, exercise is easier for diabetics who cannot work out in the typical manner because of physical limitations.

  • Circulation and blood flow are a big problem for those suffering with diabetes so the rising body temperatures are good for them as well.


  • Hot tubs will help you to relax and be calm not only in your body but in your mind.

  • Another reason circulation is improved is because the heart will work harder when your body temperature rises.

  • The massage offered by the warm water and air from the jets relieves a lot of tension and bunched up muscles, particularly in the shoulders and back which is usually where stress knots collect.


  • It’s awful not being able to sleep but if you use a hot tub before and relieve stress and pain, it’ll be easier to fall asleep.
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  • Drop some essential oils into the water or the jet pump in order to infuse the water with certain kinds of aroma therapy. This will also help you to relax and get ready for sleep.

  • Hot water therapy is actually one of the techniques used to try and induce the natural sleeping mechanics of the body.

Weight Loss

  • Again, good circulation is necessary for significant weight loss.

  • The heart rate could actually reach a higher level because of the heat and it would make your body feel like you are gently working out.

  • If someone is particularly heavy and has a hard time working out on land because of the heaviness of their body, water exercise is a great alternative.


  • Many doctors recommend soaking in hot tubs in order to relieve sore muscles, headaches or pain caused by poor circulation.

  • Stretching out your body in warm water is safer than doing so on land because the warmth loosens up your body and gives it that ‘warming up’ effect that is so important in exercise.

The mental benefits of a hot tub are also tangible. There’s something about just sitting in the warm water as the jets cause the water around you to turn and bubble that’s so relaxing. Being able to let your thoughts fall away as you relax is important to good mental health. However, you never want to fall asleep in a hot tub because even though the water, is not deep you could overheat without realizing and fall unconscious and possibly drown. If you begin to feel tired while using a hot tub, it may be time to wrap it up and go inside.

Other than that, there’s no real downside to using hot tubs if you have your own. Having a private hot tub means you know how it’s cleaned and when and who’s been in it. A public jacuzzi may not be a good idea. You should avoid it if at all possible because it could carry disease. Having one of your own gives you all the above benefits without having to ever even leave you home. Just make sure that no one uses it while wearing sunscreen or lotions. This clogs up the jets and is difficult to clean out.

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