Paddle Boarding is Growing Quickly in Popularity


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There is little argument against the assertion that camping is a preferred American pastime. Consumer spending on camping equipment totals nearly 1.8 billion each year in the United States alone. In a recent student, 67% of participants responded that they camped primarily in public campgrounds over the previous year and that the average camping trip was just under five days in duration. Further, 70% of all camping trips are taken with friends.

Popular camping activities include hiking, hunting, fishing, rock climbing, bouldering , backpacking, and water sports including canoeing, tubing, kayaking, and most recently paddle boarding. Although paddle boarding isn?t new, it?s growth in popularity is relatively new.

A paddle board is comparable in appearance to a surfboard, but it is larger and much wider. While paddle boarding, users use a long paddle to propel the board across the water while they stand on it. It is frequently grouped together with kayaking, but it is very different than kayaking.
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Paddle boarding is done individually; there can only be one person on each paddle board. Kayaking can be done individually or with a partner. Both sports utilize a paddle to propel the craft forward, and for steering. With kayaking, the user is sitting, which means their center of gravity is within the craft and the craft is buoyant.

With paddle boarding, the user is standing, which means in addition to propelling the craft forward and steering, the user must concentrate on maintaining their center of gravity. Otherwise, the user will fall off the paddleboard into the water. Users can still end up in the water while canoeing or kayaking, but it is much easier to keep those water crafts upright as long as no one is fooling around.

Paddle boarding provides a high level of workout due to the variety of muscles used. It is great for core exercises since the user is constantly having to maintain their balance. It is great for legs, which are needed to support the user and help maintain balance. Finally, it is good for arms, which take the brunt of paddling and steering.
With the growing popularity of the sport, more and more outfits that provide canoe and kayak rental, are investing in paddle boards. When planning a camping trip, it is best to call ahead to see f paddle board rental is available prior to making reservations. This will eliminate the potential for disappointment later on.

Many communities along waterways, as well as campground facilities, offer paddle board lessons for beginners or those who just want to try it out. While paddle boarding is arguably more difficult than kayaking, it is something older children can try as well.

The difficulty of maintaining balance while paddle boarding may vary based on where you choose to paddle board. Much like other water sports, the calmer the water is, the easier it will be to maintain balance and steer. Paddle boarding in white water is significantly more challenging than paddling on smooth water. Paddleboarding on open water like a lake may also prove more difficult than a river, it really just depends on the movement and depth of the water.

After having the opportunity to try a paddle board, many people with frequent access to water choose to buy their own, so they can go more regularly. Paddle boards can be pruchased ar most large sports stores.

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