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How Many Times Do You Get to Golf in a Month?

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Summer is slipping away too quickly.
In an attempt to savor the last few weeks of long days, your husband and his posse are doing everything within their power to get out on the course as often as possible. After work, early on weekend mornings, and sometimes even on a late Friday afternoon, they are swinging their way through the last days of August and have big plans for the month of September.
In anticipation of the colder winter months, they even have plans to visit the local high definition golf simulators that are a part of a recently opened indoor driving complex. The biggest plan, however, is to take a winter get away trip during January. At a time when all of their children are grown and away at college, these dads are trying to recapture all of the previous times when they were not able to get in all of the golfing that they wanted.
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