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Tips For New Boat Owners

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Boating has become a popular pastime among many Americans over the course of the past few years. From speed boats to pontoon boats, there are many ways to go boating. And with the vast majority of all people – up to ninety five percent of all residents of the United States – living within no more than an hour’s drive from at least one navigable body of water, there is no doubt that boating is more accessible than ever before.

This has become even more the case with the widespread sales of used boats of all varieties. Used boats allow those who would not otherwise be able to buy a boat to purchase one and put it to good use. In fact, up to seventy percent of all recreational boaters are not making more than one hundred thousand dollars per year, making recreational boating a truly middle class activity, though people from all demographics frequently enjoy it.

But why has boating become so popular? For one thing, it’s a great way to spend relaxing summer days. When you go boati


Pros and Cons of Different Types of Boat Flooring

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Around 95% of Americans live close enough to a navigable lake, river, inlet or other body of water to get there within an hour’s drive. This has led to an explosion of interest in boating and fishing in recent years, and as Americans buy and use their boats, maintenance becomes an important issue. The average boat costs about 10% of its purchase price per year in order to maintain
it and keep it running, and a part of that maintenance will eventually include new boat carpet, boat flooring, or some kind of Seadek flooring or aqua mat.

Boat Flooring Choices

Flooring for boats and watercraft is available in a variety of materials and designs, from rubber, to Seadek flooring (EVA flooring), to drainage tiles, to carpet and vinyl. Each type has its uses and making a choice will depend on the boat and what it’s used for. Sometimes there is no one “right” choice, but it is important to understand the options before making a decision about Seadek flooring, teak carpet, or other type


All The Facts On Seadek Flooring

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Boat carpet

The world of water sports and water activities has never been more popular than it is right now. People love boats, jet skis, skiing, surfing, and all of the other fun things you can do on the water. As a result, having a piece of property that is on or by a big body of water is a huge deal for some people.

Across the country, the average American consumer knows very little about the world of flooring and carpeting. However, living on a lake or ocean is going to require for the homeowner to potentially invest in a boat with the right kind of carpeting. Here are all of the facts on wove boat flooring, snap in boat carpet, teak carpet, and seadek flooring.

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