Tips For New Boat Owners


Boating has become a popular pastime among many Americans over the course of the past few years. From speed boats to pontoon boats, there are many ways to go boating. And with the vast majority of all people – up to ninety five percent of all residents of the United States – living within no more than an hour’s drive from at least one navigable body of water, there is no doubt that boating is more accessible than ever before.

This has become even more the case with the widespread sales of used boats of all varieties. Used boats allow those who would not otherwise be able to buy a boat to purchase one and put it to good use. In fact, up to seventy percent of all recreational boaters are not making more than one hundred thousand dollars per year, making recreational boating a truly middle class activity, though people from all demographics frequently enjoy it.

But why has boating become so popular? For one thing, it’s a great way to spend relaxing summer days. When you go boating in a boat such as a pontoon boat, it’s an easy thing to anchor it and go swimming in the lake. In addition to this, fishing is also common among nearly ten percent of the entire population of this country, with nearly forty percent saying that they do so because they are looking to relax.

However, it’s important to take precautions for your health whenever you go boating. Practicing safe boating is key, meaning that the driver of the boat should limit any alcoholic beverages that are being consumed and stay sober to be able to move the boat safely from location to location. In addition to this, it’s important to be applying sunscreen on a regular basis, a key factor for adults and children alike when it comes to overall skin health and skin cancer prevention. In fact, it’s recommended that sunscreen be applied at least every two hours, with some doctors suggesting it be applied as frequently as every one and a half hours. However, sunscreen should always be reapplied after swimming, even if the sunscreen is advertised as being waterproof – just to be on the safe side, as it is certainly better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your skin health.

And when you first buy your boat, there are a number of things that must be considered. For instance, the kind of boat carpeting is crucial, as there are two main kinds. The two main kinds of boat carpeting are glued in boat carpeting as well as snap in marine carpeting and it’s critical for you to weight the pros and cons of both. And within these two categories the options are many.

Teak carpet, for example, represents a popular boat flooring option. Teak carpet is highly attractive and this teak carpet is ideal for the boat owner that is looking for a low maintenance marine flooring. Beside from teak carpet, there are many other options as well. Teak carpet is far from being the only option. In fact, teak carpet is only one of many, such as the aqua mat and standard boat flooring. Seadek flooring is another popular alternative to teak carpet, though both teak carpet and seadek flooring make great choices when it comes to the right boat flooring.

When you consider the types of boat flooring to use, from teak carpet to an aqua mat flooring system, consider price. You shouldn’t break the bank on boat carpeting, as you will likely be able to still find a quality option at a lower and more feasible price. In addition to this, talking to sales people and doing your research about boat carpeting like teak carpet can certainly help you to make the right boat flooring decision at the end of the day.

Of course, regular cleaning of your boat will also be essential, as will winterizing and de winterizing if you live in a climate that deals with colder weather over the course of the year. There are many ways to go about this, and hiring professional help is a great option if you are unsure how to conduct the proper boat maintenance needed.

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