Today’s Skateboarding World Continues to Expand with Longer Boards and the Addition of Electrical Power


A recent video that has gone viral involves a group of middle school skateboarders. As the preteens arrived at a skateboarding park one day the group of six or seven kids noticed that there was a really young skateboarder enjoying the space. The middle schoolers went on to spent time with the young boy. In addition to encouraging the young boy, the middle schoolers also helped him practice some new tricks as well.
Throughout the video the mother of the younger skateboarder explains that her son with autism has always enjoyed the sport of skateboarding and that she was nearly speechless at the kindness that the middle schoolers showed her young son.

Just as this story may not be the typical vision that people have of people who skateboard, some of the equipment that is used today is not typical when compared to those of the past. In fact, the games people play, and the toys that they use, are getting more and more complicated. From the latest remote control longboards to all terrain electric skateboards, if you are up for a thrilling ride there are many options available. Interestingly enough, not all of the skateboarders in this country are teenagers. Perhaps partially because of the cost of some of these items, there are many young professionals who really are not ready to give up their skateboarding habits.

Remote control longboards are one of the biggest examples of how the basic skateboarding world is getting even more advanced. As a result, there are many places in the country when communities are building skateboarding parks and long trails were these activities can safely take place.

How Long Have You Been Skateboarding?

Research does indicate that skateboarders are not just the typical middle or high school crowd. In fact, as an indicator that skateboarders are getting older a report from 2006 indicates that 71% of the group were in the 12 to 17 age demographic. Today, in fact, only 45% of skateboarders are in the 12 to 17 age range. As many of these skateboarders have access to more resources, perhaps it should not be surprising that only 3.1% of skateboard sales actually occur in sporting goods stores. Most other purchases take place online or in local shops that cater to this specific crowd.

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