Tips for Rolling and Shaving Baseball Bats


Baseball is increasingly becoming a popular sport today and is distinctive for its wooden or metallic bats and a baseball. When playing baseball, the batter is required to strike the ball and send it flying. This means that success in the sport requires precision and perfect timing by the players. Apart from the player, you need to have a bat that is of the right size and shape. More importantly, the material used to make the bat should be the one recommended for the sport. Ashwood is commonly used as the standard material for baseball bats. However, some players prefer rolled baseball bats as they are seen to improve performance. Rolled bats improve performance in baseball since they enhance the breaking-in process that occurs naturally in all wooden bats. When carrying out baseball bat shaving and rolling, you need to get professional baseball bat shaving services.

A great bat shaving service uses advanced tools during the process in order to get you the perfect rolled bat. It is important to note that softball bat shaving and rolling or generally using rolled and shaved bats is regarded as cheating in major baseball events. Baseball players are therefore advised to only use a bat shaving service either when using the bats for practice or non-sanctioned games. If you intend to use rolled baseball bats, there are many sports utilities shops offering bat shaving service. You can either have an existing baseball or softball bat shaved or choose rolled and shaved baseball bats for sale from a sports store. In a typical bat shaving service, bat rolling involves compressing and modifying the natural wooden fibers of the bat to make the bat springier. This process is what enhances performance during the sport. Ordinarily, baseball bats warm up during gameplay or practice. The repeated contact with the baseball further modifies the bat’s fibers to reach their optimum state.

Players prefer using rolled bats during practice but the same bats will have to be modified during major baseball events. This is why rolling is sometimes done to give a player a similar end-product for practice as the one used during gameplay. The greatest challenge with rolled baseball bats is that they are prone to breakages as a result of excessive pressure during the rolling process. This is why during rolling, pressure testing should be done to ensure that the process does not cause any chips or break on the bat. During sanctioned events, it is easy to spot rolled baseball bats due to the distinctive marks left during the process. However, a great bat shaving service tends to use cutting edge tools in order to minimize these marks. Rolling a baseball bat voids the warranty of the bat-something that owners should keep in mind.

Apart from rolling, bat shaving service is also another common practice is baseball that is done for almost the similar reasons for bat rolling. Ideally, shaving is mostly done on rolled bats. This means that the two processes can be done on a single bat by centers offering baseball bat shaving services. During baseball shaving, the metal cap of the bat is removed allowing the bat shaving service access to the interior of the bat. Material is subsequently shaved off the hollow interior of the bat giving it an enhanced trampoline effect during gameplay. The downside of bat shaving is that it reduces the life of the bat considering that the baseball will be in contact with thinner material. Shaving the interior of a baseball bat will also void the warranty of the sports item not forgetting that shaved bats should not be used in sanctioned events.

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