Thinking of an Outdoor Entertainment Area? Think of These 3 Inground Pool Alternatives


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As with a majority of items and products, swimming pools also come in several options that primarily differ in size, design, purpose and most important, materials used. If you’ve been considering installing an inground pool, it’s important to first to define the type of pool you want. Essentially, you want something that is good for you and your family as well as friends. The type of swimming pool you’ll choose will affect by various factors ranging from codes of construction, material availability, site suitability, cost among others. Swimming pool construction first begins with pre-construction consideration, a process that involves thorough site assessment. In this stage of construction, experts check for sewer, drainage, and electrical line and ensure there are no obstructions on the proposed site. After which, a permit is given for the construction to commence. Understanding some of these factors will help you make an informed decision on the type of swimming pool to have on your property. Below are three pool options for you to consider.

Concrete Pools
Also referred to as shotcrete, they are perhaps the most common type of pools used in the hospitality setting. Concrete pool construction involves the use of steel, plaster, concrete and the entire process takes place on site. From a pre-excavated ground, steel bars are inserted inside forming a skeleton of metal bars. Concrete is shot inside the hole to form the pool shell and completed with proper tiling. There are a number of interior finishes that can be used in a pool and they include plain colored plasters, mercite, quartz, and pebble. The variety of finishes that can be troweled on a concrete pool means uniqueness. If you are looking for more luxury appearance on your concrete pool, you can request the use of ceramic, or glass tile. Concrete pools are not only easy to replaster, but they are durable, giving your many years of service.

keftab online shopping Fiberglass Pools
Unlike a concrete pool, fiberglass inground pool are pre-manufactured in a factory and then shipped for installation on a proposed pool site. If you are looking for a custom pool, this is may not be the suitable option for you as it lacks variety. The ready-made shell is then fixed in an excavated hole and the finishing is done accordingly. Fiberglass pools offer the fastest swimming pool construction project as everything seem like “cutting” and “pasting”. Some models come features such as love seats, benches, spas, steps or sun decks already installed. In addition to their quick installation, they are also less costly than concrete swimming pools. Although fiberglass pools are not durable as the concrete ones, regular maintenance is able to sustain the pool condition for long. Vinyl Pools
This type of pool is either reinforced with metal bars or plastic frames, but you can there are some that use cement wall posts. Vinyl pools are among the popular types of pools as they offer further pool customization, something that is impossible on concrete and fiberglass pools. With vinyl, you can have you swimming pool designed into any shape, size, and dimension you want provided your property has enough space. However, steel reinforced vinyl pools are not so durable as they are susceptible to corrosion. In addition, it’s not the perfect pool option if you dwell in an area with a high water table. For durability, experts recommend using a vinyl liner that is treated with fungus and UV resistant material that significantly increase the life of a vinyl liner.

With these options, you can now start your swimming pool construction project and create a fountain of fun for you and your family.

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