There are Some Truly Funny Sports Videos About Games Gone Awry at a Company Picnic


Funny sports video

I saw an incredibly funny sports video awhile back on the internet. There was this one guy who was throwing a softball and it hit this other guy in the face, and he went completely nuts. The guy who got hit started chasing the one who threw the ball around and around the baseball diamond. The funniest part was that the guy who had gotten hit was not wearing a belt, and his pants fell down, and he was wearing boxers with little hearts on them. Oh man, my friends and I would not stop laughing at that. There is nothing more hilarious than funny sports videos.

My friend was telling me that he saw this series of funny sports videos just a few days ago. In the series, there are football players who go bonkers when referees kick them out of the game. In one of them, this defensive line backer is kicked out. I do not remember why, but the player is like, hey man you are blind! And the ref is like, son, you best be learning some manner, and the football player begins having a conniption fit. It is like he is a two year old throwing a temper tantrum on the field. He was like, on the ground kicking and screaming and beating his fists and hitting his head against the ground. The other players were like, um what the heck is going on here, and the ref just stood there with his jaw on the floor, totally speechless. I mean, how do you deal with a grown man who is acting the way my two year old cousin does? Oh, yeah, and this was not like an NFL football game or anything like that. It was some one off touch football game at a company picnic. That makes this funny sports videos even more absurd, in my humble opinion. I wonder if that dude got fired when he went back to work after the weekend was over. Hopefully, he will be featured in some other funny sports videos.

There are a lot of other funny sports videos I have seen online, but that one may have been the best. However, I have seen a lot of really funny sports videos about gymnastics, bowling, lacrosse, soccer, and even polo. Oh, and there are a few funny sports videos that deal with synchronized swimming. You might not think they could make funny sports videos about water ballet, but you would be totally wrong.

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