Sprucing Up Your Tennis Court? Here Are Five Tennis Court Net Accessories You Shouldn’t Go Without


How do you ensure your tennis court is always dressed to impress?

Make sure you have the right tennis court net accessories. The classic tennis court needs to be clean, pristine and filled with the tools needed to encourage a strong match every single time. The brands you choose will reflect on you, in turn encouraging your regular players to achieve their best performance. You can easily collect tennis balls with a tennis ball collector to save on time. You can buy strong netting to withstand hundreds of games without showing wear and tear. Whatever you do, your tennis court net accessories should hold up to both a business standard and the expectations of customer service.

Here are five supplies you need for a tennis court.

Court Cleaning Tool

No court should look messy or disorganized. While a simple broom and dustpan can get rid of basic debris like leaves and discarded cigarettes, there are specialized tools designed to clear out the tennis court down to the barest inch and leave it sparkling. A pressure hose should be used to wash down a tennis court and remove the majority of dirt, dust and contaminants on the surface. A scrubber brush can later be used to eliminate small or hard-to-reach areas.

Hopper Carts

Another useful tool to help you organize your equipment are hopper carts. Your standard tennis courts measure nearly 80 feet in length. Courts are nearly 28 feet wide for single matches, with double matches reaching 36 feet. Hopper carts give you somewhere convenient to put stray balls and lost equipment, saving you back-and-forth trips as you clear up your court for another match. According to research by the Tennis Industry Association tennis participation rose by 1% to 18 million players these past few years.

Strong Netting

Damaged netting needs to be replaced. Why not make sure your tennis court net accessories are even better than the last? Good netting should be free of holes or frayed edges, carefully wrapped up when put into storage to avoid the probability of pulled stitching. Your tennis net should be placed around three feet outside of the court to catch stray balls. The proper height is also two side posts at three and a half feet.

Court Markers

The weather can take a serious toll on your tennis court. Not only can it blow leaves and sticks onto your court grounds, they can also erode your markers. Buying high-quality tennis court accessories right off the bat will go a long way in saving you time when your markers inevitably start peeling off or fading. Tennis court markers come in a variety of colors and sizes. Should they start to show some wear and tear, particularly on their texture, be sure to replace them as soon as possible.

Tennis Court Dividers

Last, but not least, we have your tennis court dividers. These are designed to be transparent and unobstructed, but sturdy enough to hold up to repeated pressure. These can be used both inside and outside, with a variety of sizes to accommodate any tennis court. With more and more people turning to tennis every day as a form of social recreation or exercise, checking these off your list will be remarkably helpful in making your court stand out from the pack.

The right tennis court net accessories will set an impression that lasts for years. From strong netting to tennis court dividers, you’re just a few purchases away from a game well-played.


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