Sports Videos are Popular For Many Reasons


Funny sports video

Did you know that ancient cave paintings depict people playing sports? In the Lascaux caves of France, it appears that certain pictures are showing wrestlers and sprinters. Today, people can enjoy replaying and watching sports on television, not just in person or by looking at a cave painting. Sports videos are a popular way to keep up with the latest in sports news.

Sports videos range in type. Many people enjoy watching videos of their favorite or of particularly memorable games. During the last super bowl, a guy I went to high school was playing with the Patriots, so I made sure to have a copy of that. I always wondered what it would feel like to know someone from school that later ended up being famous like he was, and I have to say, it is not that exciting. It is not like we keep in touch!

Funny sports videos are also a popular way to enjoy sports. There are two ways to look at this. First, there are sports videos that just happen to be funny because of things that happen on field. When an expert soccer player goes in for the kick and ends up flat on his butt, that is something people can enjoy watching over and over. The other type of funny sports video is videos that are intentionally made to be humorous. An example of this can be powder puff football, which is when guys wear cheerleading outfits and cheer, while the girls play football, which is in contrast with how people normally play the game.

On a more serious level, sports videos can also serve as records of damages and injuries. Just a few days ago there was a story on the news about a referee who was punched in the head by a player during a game, and suffered injuries and died later that die. For instances like these, it is useful for legal and medical purposes as well to know exactly what happened.

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