Science Fiction or Real Life? Today’s Technology Living Up to Great Imaginations


Custom hoverboard

We are living in the future. What the Industrial Revolution did for simplifying everyday tasks and allowing people to more easily get around the globe, the advances in technology is doing for us now on every imaginable level. And the beautiful thing is, that the more we develop new ideas and inventions, the greater we dream, and those imaginable levels grow. Mankind’s collective imagination is not stagnant or limited. It grows ever bigger as we continue to reach new heights, evidenced by the fact that our daily lives include mechanisms, devices, and machines that people only a few generations ago had not quite allowed themselves to imagine yet.
Consider this statement: eBay reported that on Cyber Monday, electric hoverboards were selling at a rate of one every 12 seconds. How much of that statement would even be understandable, or if imaginable, how believable would it be, to the average person just a few decades ago?

From the invention of the wheel to electric hoverboards

Yes, we now live in the era of such devices as electric hoverboards. What was once a far-fetched gadget in our favorite science fiction stories has finally come to life. Albeit they are not quite exactly the way we envisioned electric hoverboards from our beloved stories, we are at least getting closer. If mankind’s dabbles in technology so far have taught us anything, it is that everything can be built upon, and so far it seems as though it really is true that if it can be imagined it can come to fruition. So our hoverboards still have wheels and do not actually hover (yet). We could still get there eventually. And really, the fact that we are still coming up with new ways to get around is quite remarkable. An exciting new leisure ride

Hoverboards are basically self-balancing electric scooters with two wheels, meant for gliding around. For now, they only have the ability to glide around up to about 10 miles per hour, and have a travel range of about 12 miles. The hoverboard battery should be changed each month, if not more often than that. Many models can even make it up a hill, if the incline is not more than five to 10 degrees, though some claim to be able to have enough power and torque to make it up an incline of 15 degrees.

There are different styles and types of hoverboards to choose from, and just as you might choose or personalize a skateboard, bike, or car, you can make your hoverboard fit your preferences. Whether you want a pink hoverboard, one with stripes, or one that lights up with colored or flashing lights, you will be able to find one that you will be proud to zip around on.

Balancing the speed and impact of our development

Most people find it intriguing, thrilling, and very promising, to say the least, that we have gotten to this point. Technology has connected so many people across the globe. It has given us the ability to build bigger than ever before, travel faster than any animal, eradicate diseases, live longer and healthier, and so much more. But there has been a cost to our rapid and impressive advancements, and that cost has been the health of our planet and the species we share it with.

Power and money very often win out over the safe or ethical way of doing things. And the impact of some of our actions was not always immediately known. We do know better now. There is a struggle now, between the desire for faster, further advancements, and nursing the planet back to health. But what people need to realize is that the two do not have to cancel each other out. They can, in fact, go hand in hand. Caring for the environment must be a priority, however, or we as a species will not last long enough for the next great age of development.

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