Prepare For Your Tennis Match With These 3 Well-Loved Pieces Of Equipment


You know how they say, “the suit makes the man?” Tennis is a little bit like that, where the tennis equipment a player uses can make or break their game. While certain other tools are necessary as base requirements (such as tennis court nets and tennis ball retrievers), most of the hard work is left to the player themselves. If they do not have the proper tennis equipment at hand, they simply won’t be able to bring their best game to the court. Let’s take a look at three of those pieces of equipment.

  • Sneakers: One of the most underrated but crucial aspects of tennis is the footwear. Tennis shoes are made differently, carrying a heavy chunk of rubber at the toes; since many tennis players stop their forward momentum by dragging their back toe against the ground, tennis shoes prevent wear and tear (which, in regular shoes, becomes holes within a week).

    Additionally, they allow you to press more forcefully into the ground to slow yourself while you’re bolting across the 78 foot long, 27 foot wide (36 for doubles) court. With the proper tennis sneakers, you’ll be quick and nimble on your feet — and will be able to stop yourself from vaulting over the tennis nets in your eagerness!

  • Outfit: Clothing in tennis is designed for mobility, sweat absorption, and cooling effects. The material is specifically made to wick away sweat without hindering speed or deftness; there is an exceptional amount of sprinting done in tennis, so the lack of proper attire can quickly cause players to become more exhausted than their well-dressed competitors.
  • Racquet: Though many professionals carry more than one racquet, for the casual player their racquet is like their child — precious, invaluable, and irreplaceable. Constant care is taken to ensure the strings don’t snap, especially when the weather turns cooler and the seasons change. Since there is such a strong bond between player and racquet, finding the right one for your personal style (both in design and structure) is vital to a successful career.

If you’re wearing the right armor, you’ll be as prepared as possible for the upcoming battle — even if it’s just a tennis match at your local fitness club. Don’t skimp on the stuff that really matters; make sure you have the right tennis equipment for your playing style.

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