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Here are 3 Types of Coolers You Could Take On Your Next Camping Trip

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Camping has been a popular activity in the United States for decades, and it remains so even today. Millennials and Gen Xers make up three-quarters of all campers, with Millennials alone accounting for 40%. There are many options for camping trips these days; you can go camping in a tent for the weekend, you can spend a week in a rustic cabin, or you can even set up for the night in an RV. The one thing that all of these camping trips have in common is that you will likely have some kind of cooler with you to hold food supplies. Coolers are an ideal way to pack along several days worth of food for a trip, removing the need to spend money on meals every day. Aside from standard food coolers, there are also bait coolers that can be brought along if you’re going on a fishing trip while you camp. There are several types of coolers to choose from, with your choice depending on the kind of trip you’re making, and this article will take a look at several types of coolers you can choose from.

  • Hard Coolers: The first type of cooler you could take on a potential camping trip is a hard cooler. As the name implies, hard coolers have solid, hard sides and a solid lid. They can come in a variety of sizes, and can be used to hold just about any food item, from drinks to several days worth of meals. However, unlike live bait aerated coolers, it’s not advisable to use hard coolers to store bait, since they won’t stay alive very long in that environment. Hard coolers really weren’t meant to hold anything that’s alive.
  • Soft Side Coolers: Another type of cooler you could take on a potential camping trip is a soft side cooler. Again, as the name implies, this is a cooler with soft sides and a soft lid. This is a more casual type of cooler that is really best if you’re going on a short overnight trip. While you can pack them full of food for a long trip if you want, they’re really not as good as hard coolers when it comes to holding large amounts of food.
  • Live Bait Aerated Coolers: And finally, especially if you’re going fishing, one type of cooler you could take on a camping trip is live bait aerated coolers. These are coolers that are specially designed to hold live bait and keep them alive as long as possible. If you’re planning on going fishing for several days, this is a cooler you need to have with you, because you can fill it up with bait and use it for the duration of the trip.

In conclusion, there are several types of coolers you can choose from when going on a camping trip. These include hard coolers and soft side coolers, which are both good for holding food, and there are also live bait aerated coolers, which are designed to hold live bait for fishing trips and keep them alive as long as possible. All of these coolers would be a great help on any camping trip you’re planning to go on in the near future.

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