Golf, Brunch, Weddings, Oh My! The Destination You Should Travel To


In the United States, the American people participate in many events throughout the lifetime. To begin, the first event is sport related. Although, the United States consists of many different popular sports, such as basketball, baseball, and football, one other popular sport has been in existence since 1457- golf/em>. Golf is very renowned for both men and women, with 23% of professional golfers being female. Therefore, it is safe to say that many Americans play and enjoy golf constantly! The second life event American participate in is brunch. Even though brunch first began in England, thirty years after its introduction, it made its way to the United States. Many individuals participate in brunch on a daily basis, and during celebrations and parties. Yum! Lastly, the third life event is understandable the most important and popular; weddings. There are countless weddings throughout the United States every day, with 35% of those weddings being held outside. So, if you’re interested in playing golf, attending a brunch, or attending/participating in a wedding, here’s the destination you should travel to.

A State Park For All Your Needs

State parks are, by definition, typically established by a state to preserve a location on account of its natural beauty, historic interest, or recreational potential. Additionally, state parks have an ample amount of land for various activities, and events. In many state parks, you will find event buildings, restaurants, and other facilities created and utilized for celebrations, parties, engagements, and recreational activities. Are you ready to head to an ideal venue for all your needs?

Golfers: Regardless of if you are a beginner or an avid golfer, state parks will allow you to play golf! Yes, that’s correct! Some state parks have a golf course, and some even create and maintain a golf club. You can play golf as your favorite recreational sport, and pastime and become a member of the club. Once you’re a member of the golf club, you can attend golf club events and golf club social events whenever they occur. If you’re ready to play on some ideal golf courses, head to a state park today! Did someone say hole in one?

Sunday Brunch: Many state parks have a restaurant on the grounds. This is ideal for any food consumption needs, specifically brunch. State parks host brunch events in their restaurants. This includes family brunch, holiday brunch, and Sunday brunch. For Sunday brunch, there could possibly be a brunch special. So, when you travel to a state park for Sunday Brunch to fill your empty belly, make sure to check the brunch menu! Here you’ll find delicious Sunday brunch, and the time to create new, long-lasting memories with family and friends! Who’s hungry?

Best Places To Have A Wedding: In society today, especially with each passing generation, more and more engaged individuals are have outdoor weddings. These outdoors weddings have been planned, hosted, and executed on golf courses, and at state parks. State parks are known for their natural beauty, connection with nature, and ample amount of space. Therefore, having your wedding at a state park is, quite honestly, one of the most romantic wedding places (especially when the weather is ideal). When you have your wedding at a state park, you have the opportunity to create the most lavish, memorable, and beautiful wedding of all time. You can get married outdoors, with nature, and the quiet serenity the location provides for you, and then have your reception on the same grounds! Additionally, state parks even host rehearsal dinners, in one of there very many event buildings. The entire occasion from the rehearsal dinner, to the wedding ceremony, to the reception, has the feel and look of grandeur and pure beauty. If you want memories that will last a lifetime, if you want beauty, if you want an incredible, breathtaking wedding (that your guests will be talking about for years), the ideal location is a state park.

Whether it’s a golf event (game with friends, social event, or golf tournament), a Sunday brunch, or a lavish, memorable wedding- state parks can help you accomplish it all!

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