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Does Your Parenting Style Promote Independence and Adventure?

Written by Funny Sports Videos. Posted in Skydiving, Tandem skydiving

One Princess on parade. One princess on the porch. A simple walk around the park or the neighborhood can demonstrate the way some parents indulge their children. From the three year old girl dressed in her princess gown who is commanding both her younger brother and her grandparents to so as she wishes, to the four year old who is given a ride in a wagon to play at the park, there are many families who have both the time and energy to make sure that there children get exactly what they want.
Removing all obstacles, these parents and grandparents may have the luxury of being able to have one parent or other family adult at home all of the time.
With Mickey in hand and two grandparents in two, the three year played on the park equipment. Sort of. To the outside observer the young girl simply appeared to be performing for her grandparents, as they clapped every time their granddaughter went down the slide and cheered every time she climbed the ladder. It appears that the days of c