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Try Out Fly Fishing In the Great Outdoors

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Fishing is one of the world’s oldest professions, and many coastal communities past and present rely on fishing as a source of food. Today, most commercial fishing is done with boats and large nets to catch many fish, and a single angler with a fly rod is unlikely to catch enough fish to feed an entire community. But that is not the point of modern fly fishing anyway. Today’s anglers simply enjoy some quality time out in the wild, and fly fishing rods, sage fly reels, fly fishing outfits, and more make this sport possible. Today’s fly fishing is more about the art than catching a lot of fish in many cases, and an aspiring angler may buy the right gear, such as fly rods or rod reels, from a local retailer to get started. How might fly fishing be done?

Fly Rods and Other Gear

Like any other hobby, getting into fly fishing means both getting the right gear and learning the techn