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Country Club Weddings Offer the Greatest Options for Many Couples

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You have always been wary of of prepaying anyone. In fact, you still have a $70 prepay due to you from a lawn mower who could not finish the contract out because his equipment broke. We had to hire someone else. You also had another contractor who tried to get you to prepay a large amount for some landscaping. He has not finished your neighbor’s project yet and he tried to get money from you more than a month ago. At the time of the request, he had promised supposed to do your project first, but he did the neighbor’s instead. Now you find to yourself needing someone to replace this first contractor, and you are more relieved than ever that you did not pay him in advance.
Even when the contractors are people you have worked with before and they may see you as loyal clients, they may still ask for significant down payments. When you remember the fact that last year was when you paid for all the plants and installation up front and the contractor verbally agreed to replace and instal