Alaskan Trips Provide Great Family Vacation Experiences


There are many advantages of living in Alaska, and one of them is hosting friends and families from across the rest of the nation. Even as Anchorage residents deal with the latest earthquake aftershocks, there are still thousands of people making plans to visit the place that offers mountains and oceans within a single view, a place that provides beautifully long summers and wonderfully majestic winters. No matter what time of the year you visit, however, all inclusive Alaskan vacations are popular. Even when you live in this great state, you find yourself drawn again and again to vistas and views that tourists from outside the state want to visit.

In fact, some of the very spots that are included in all inclusive Alaskan vacations are also on the regular lists of current Alaskan residents.

Have You Ever Had the Opportunity to Visit Alaska?

From rustic fishing lodges to luxury wilderness lodges in Alaska, there are a number of places that serve as great places to stay when someone visits the largest state in America. Whether you are someone who struggles with silence or you love quiet moments alone, you can find what you are looking for when you visit the state of Alaska. Did you know, for instance, that there the most common Alaska activities include both shopping, which is enjoyed by 75%, and viewing wildlife, which is enjoyed by 45%? Following these two leading interests, however, is a long list of other varied activities: 39% day cruises; 34% nature and hiking tours; 31% sightseeing tours, and 22% museums.

Alaska is a vast land with a vast number of opportunities that are offered to both residents and tourists. The latest research indicates, however, that Alaska receives a significant share of the 85% of the total traveling expenditures in the U.S. that is created by domestic travel.

In addition to the enjoyment of tourists who are visiting the state, it is important to realize that the travel industry also benefits the local economy. In fact, the latest research indicates that domestic travel supports nearly 7.6 million American jobs in today’s economy.

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