A New Trend Axe Throwing Bars


If you like to go out to a bar for drinks, pool, or darts, you should look into axe throwing bars for a new experience. If you enjoy adventure while enjoying a few drinks, this experience may be for you. There are many safety measures put into place in order to keep everyone involved safe.

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If you want to try searching for axe throwing bars near you, you can go by yourself or with others to try this unique experience. Axe throwing bars can be similar to going to a gun range to practice shooting skills, or going to an escape room for entertainment. You may think that drinking combined with throwing an axe might seem unsafe, but it is very organized and safe.

There is an instructor involved with you the whole time, who teaches you how to throw and makes sure you are following safety measure throughout. Everyone is briefed on the importance of waiting to throw their axe until there is no one up at the axe retrieving area, even from other groups. This sport may make an appearance in more places and just might be the activity for you when you are out enjoying yourself.

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