A Great Way To Get Fit And Make Friends Taking Your Children To Soccer Summer Camp


Are you worried about whether your kid is physically, emotionally or socially healthy? It may be time for them to try out a sport.

Now, this isn’t a punishment! Sports are actually one of the best ways of helping your child step out of their comfort zone and helping them make friends. While there are plenty of invigorating and interesting pasttimes for them to explore, a great place to start is with the exciting game of soccer. Able to be learned quickly and perfect for stretching out underused muscles, soccer holds a special place in the hearts of millions. To learn how to play soccer it helps to catch up on the basics and research why, exactly, so many children and adults flock to this sport every year.

Here are five interesting facts about soccer to whet you and your child’s appetite for fun!

Soccer Has Been Around For Decades

Want to learn soccer skills? It’s time for a little history lesson first. The game of soccer can seem like a pretty modern invention, what with all the pricey equipment and media coverage, but it’s actually more of a modern classic. The game of soccer (or football, as it’s known around the world) first began in England back in the 1860’s. It soon spread across the world for its lively gameplay, becoming an addiction that can only be sated with a few exciting rounds at the local soccer field.

It’s Easy To Get Physically Fit

Some sports are a little more low-key. Others are very intensive events and require full use of the body. Soccer is a fascinating in-between, involving a wide range of physical skills while still focusing primarily on the lower body. Your average game of soccer will require you to run, walk, sprint and jump, often for up to 90 minutes at a time, and is great for boosting endurance. Regular aerobic activity also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. When your kids want to learn soccer skills…they’ll get even more than they bargained for!

Soccer Is Great For Making Friends

While there’s nothing wrong with a simple evening browsing Twitter or watching movies, too much isolation can be bad for your child’s health. Soccer is a great way to help them make friends without putting too much pressure on them to socialize, particularly if they have trouble socializing at school. What better way to meet like-minded people than to bond over a fun sport and a little teamwork? A recent study on sports and socializing found 95% of summer campers stating camp helped them make new friends. Another 90% of respondents said summer camp made them feel good about themselves.

Learning The Game Of Soccer Is Getting More Popular

There’s no need to fret about options here. The game of soccer has been popular for quite some time, but it’s been seeing a surge in popularity recently and you won’t have to search far to find places for children who want to learn soccer skills. Every year over 11 million children and adults attend summer camps and sports events. It’s also estimated 60% of children playing organized sports in the United States play outside of school, with soccer among the most popular choices alongside basketball and football.

Teaching Your Child Soccer Can Enhance Their Ambitions

Does your child have dreams for the future? Are they still learning what they want to be and why? A soccer coaching clinic isn’t a bad way to help them get in tune with their own ambitions. While some children play soccer as a way to vent excess energy or make friends, others might find themselves wanting to play professionally. There are over 350 National Collegiate Athletic Association (or NCAA) men’s soccer coaches and over 480 women’s soccer coaches as we know it. One of them could just be your child’s calling card.

Want to learn soccer skills now? It’s time to get out on the grass and strut your stuff!

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